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Thursday 2 July 2020

10 things I won't miss about lockdown....

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A fortnight ago, I wrote about how I felt about coming out of lockdown as someone who is still really ill and suffering the after effects of it (post here). I explained how anxious and unsafe I feel about coming out of lockdown but there are a few things I won't miss. This is quite tongue in cheek so don't take it personally if you enjoyed some of these things! Also, for the sake of balance, I've already written a post on 10 ways to enjoy (kinda) lockdown here.

1. The constant Insta-lives! Every single time I went on Instagram, there were multitudes of people joining up to do lives - people who never do lives, suddenly decided they need to stay relevant and in peoples' minds and add their precious swipe ups. I literally didn't watch any!

2. The people coming on Insta-stories saying they thought they had Covid - tell your GP, not Instagram.

3. Those who had Covid, sharing videos from their hospital beds with oxygen masks on, which they took off, to tell us they had Covid! Why?

4. Banana bread! Why on earth did everyone suddenly have extra bananas 'about to turn' so they'd better make banana bread week after week? Stop buying too many and you won't have to make it! (Can you tell I'm not a fan of banana bread?) And everyone claiming their recipe was the best and that they had originally shared it 'years' ago.

5. Loungewear - it was everywhere - people leaving swipe ups to everything possible, insta-ads, videos, blog posts! It got very samey!

6. People bemoaning the fact that they should be in "X, Y, Z country by now' - yes, you and everyone else with cancelled holidays! If that's the worst you have to complain about, consider yourself very lucky.

7. The Amazon wishlist thing. - I didn't get it - a good idea in theory (to cheer people up & raise their spirits) until people started to moan about spending £80 and receiving nothing in return. Also, why make a courier risk catching the virus for a bag of sweets that someone put on their wishlist?

8. So much judgement (I get the irony, given that I'm writing this post) but people moaning about how others spent their money - so what if someone bought a designer bag - their money, their decision! People telling others how they should be using lockdown to learn a new language, get fit etc - mind your own business!

9. The fact that a number of the charities that I donated to (I make donations on a weekly basis and it varies), wrote to me to ask for more money. I know they're trying to raise more but it's a waste of paper and stamps. If I had more, I'd give it but there are so many charities that I want to donate to and most are just grateful to receive what you give, without asking for more!

10. People not sticking to the rules - I had and still have zero tolerance for it! It has caused some fallings out but I don't care. Not sticking to the rules is entirely selfish and thoughtless for those of us who are vulnerable. It seems now that there aren't really any rules and people can pretty much do what they want!

So, I'd love to hear what you won't miss? 


Thanks for reading! 

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