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Wednesday 8 July 2020

It's time to take a break....

That title probably sounds quite dramatic and it's not meant to be! If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you are probably aware of the fact that I have Chronic Lyme Disease (posts here). It's 20 weeks today since I also fell ill with proper flu, then I contracted Covid, flu again and then tonsillitis with a constant sinus infection thrown in for good measure. Because of my poor immune system and pre-existing illness, Covid wasn't a 14 day event for me. I am still very ill, despite being on medication for months (my GP is excellent), I am in extreme pain and hugely fatigued (among many other symptoms). I am telling you this, not for sympathy, but to explain why I'm taking a break for around a fortnight. My GP has been constantly telling me to rest and despite the fact that my blog is a hobby, which I do from my bed or the sofa, it does require effort.

Because I am now on day 140 of this flu/Covid/Tonsillitis/Sinus mix,  I need to rest more because I NEED to get over this so I can get back to only having to fight Lyme because that battle alone is difficult enough. I have been in touch with an immunologist and the meds will only work hand in hand with rest. So, I have one post scheduled for Friday and after that, there will be a break of at least two weeks. Plus the new meds make me quite drowsy. I may still be active on Instagram (here), but that's a case of wait & see.

It will be strange for me because I love blogging and I really love chatting in the comments with you all about products and the beauty world, in general. But I owe it to my GP, my husband, who has been caring tirelessly for me for months (years), and, above all, I owe it to myself, to give myself the best fighting chance at beating this.

I am hoping that the rest will help my body to reduce some of the inflammation, which is causing me so much pain. I promise you that I am not one of those people who loves to tell everyone that they're really ill and then likes to talk about how many miles they have walked - I have been walking an average of less than 300 steps per day in the last 20 weeks - that's bed to couch to bathroom.

You might wonder why and how I've continued blogging during this time and am only deciding to take a break now. There are a number of reasons - usually I work a week or two in advance, plus this space has always been my escapism from my reality, it gives me something else to focus on, I also love chatting with you all, I'm always brimming with post ideas and I have been able to do it from bed. Photography has never been my strong point, simply because I don't have the energy to take multiple photos and think of different ways to style them etc. Would you believe that I bought a new camera 18 months ago and still haven't used it because my arms are too weak and I also need to figure out how to use it! I was going to say that I'd use the next two weeks to figure that out, but no, the point is to rest.

I'm going to spend the time napping, watching funny shows (laughter is a great medicine), I might read, but Lyme has affected my sight, I'll pamper myself, keep trying new products and I'm going to try not to shop too much! lol!

I'm also going to unfollow accounts on Instagram that no longer interest me or that I never engage with (and vice versa) or that are behaving like Covidiots - I have ZERO tolerance for them, I've already started unsubscribing from YouTube channels that no longer interest me and trying to find ones that I'm interested in now.. It's nothing personal but I want my life and time to be as positive and purposeful as possible. I'm not a slave to my phone anyway, but I intend to use it less. I will still answer emails as they come in as I'm happy to still be trying products so that I'm ready to come at you with reviews when I'm back.

Like I said, I have a post planned for Friday, which I hope you will read as I'll still be replying to comments, but after that I'll be quiet for 2 weeks (maybe a little more). I usually take breaks when we go on holidays but those have been cancelled for this year, however I know that I always come back feeing rejuvenated when I take a break so, fingers crossed, the same thing happens this time, and more importantly, that my pain will have eased and my general health, improved.

Chat soon, take care and for the love of God, WEAR A MASK!!!

Thanks for reading! 

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