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Monday 12 October 2020

What I like and dislike about blogging.....

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I've been blogging for quite a while now and although blogs are less popular than they used to be, thanks to the rise of Instagram, which I don't really get because I you learn nothing about seeing a person remove their makeup on Instagram and you can't search for a review on there. Added to that, the fact that it's plain to see that a lot of people buy their followers, I really don't get the attraction and don't see why PR companies and brands cannot see that! Anyway, today I want to share what I like and dislike about blogging and would love to hear your thoughts!

What I like:

  1. I've made some great friends through blogging as we all have a shared interest, with some, it has gone further, with discussing our personal lives but I love even seeing regular commenters because it feels like it's a real community.
  2. I love to chat about beauty  - it has always been an interest of mine, since I was around 3/4 and loved looking through my mother's lipsticks and nail polishes, and trying to make my own perfume from petals from our garden. I cannot see a time when I would ever get bored talking about beauty.
  3. I've discovered so many new brands through beauty - some small, family run brands and other, larger brands that I might not have had the chance to try otherwise,
  4. Receiving comments - my number of views is consistently growing, but it really means a lot when someone takes time out  of their day to leave a comment, especially one that shows that they have actually read the post.
  5. Learning a lot, particularly from bloggers like Anne, from Doctor Anne. I love that the sharing of information, particularly from very knowledgable bloggers.
  6. I love that there is space for everyone - those interested in skincare, wearable makeup, instagram makeup, fashion, food etc.
  7. I love seeing my friends do well, so I fully support when my blogger friends do ads (and declare them) and can make a living from their work, because whilst blogging looks easy, it does take a lot of effort and time.
  8. I love that I personally have been able to share information on Lyme Disease, and whilst some people who usually read and comment on my posts, have just completely ignored them, which is disappointing, I have had comments, emails and private messages from those whom I have helped from being so open about my story.
  9. This, of course, leads me to the fact that blogging distracts me from how ill I actually am. Maybe I'm trying to ignore the impossible, but it gives some structure to my life.
  10. It has made me try products that I might not have thought of using otherwise, especially from indie brands, or sometimes makeup, when I see it on someone who has the same eye colour as I do, for example. It has made me a little more experimental, instead of staying in my comfort zone.

What I dislike:

  1. How some PRs and brands behave - one moment, you're the best thing since sliced bread and the next, you're ghosted. They'd prefer to send product to people with bigger numbers but who have never shown that they have spent their own money on the brand.
  2. Social climbers - "oh hun, a shout out from you would mean so much! And then when they pass your 'number', you're no longer needed. You see them sharing other people's discount codes, but not yours (even though it's a bigger discount!), and the response is, "oh but they're a friend" which is code for, they have more followers than you so I have more to gain from licking their arse than yours and I've only recently started following them. Give me a break!!
  3. People who never like or comment on your posts and then out of the blue, message you for a PR contact, as it's 'their dream to work with this brand'. Firstly, it's against GDPR to share those details, secondly, why would I give you details when you never show me any support and thirdly, that person/brand contacted me as a result of my hard work so why would I just give it to you? Put in the effort yourself and they might notice you, or maybe even offer to share some of your contacts!
  4. Brands who harass you for a review when you've only just received the product, particularly skincare - it takes AT LEAST 4 weeks to complete a skincare review, but usually 6-8 weeks.
  5. Follow/unfollow - don't even get me started on this! I block ALL unfollowers. I like to run regular giveaways, but the problem with these is that you get 'compers' who only follow you and leave a "fab prize" comment, then never comment again and unfollow if they don't win - they're the ones I block, without a second thought.
  6. People in their early 20s or actually 20s at all, talking about anti-aging products - why do brands send these products to people who don't need them and they won't be able to tell if there's a difference as their skin is bouncy anyway! I won't read their reviews and I'm sure most people my age don't read them or pay any heed to them either. Don't get me wrong, I do read blogs of people in this age group, but just not on anti-aging products as it's literally a waste of time.
  7. People who think they're Caroline Hirons - you cannot beat experience and she has that in bucket loads so I'm more inclined to listen to her opinion than somebody who has suddenly shown an interest in skincare, because that's a popular topic on Instagram.
  8. People talking about Black Lives Matter to sound PC but who aren't actually interested. I was so disappointed when I did a post on some amazing products from Black Owned Brands and it was my least read/engaged post that month.
  9. PRs who get in touch about sending out products, which you can blog about if you wish, but you aren't obliged, they ask for your address and then you never hear from them again. How dare they ask for your private details, just to bolster their database!
  10. People who don't declare paid ads or when products are sent to them - it's not that difficult to do! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts, whether you are a blogger or not? What do and don't you like about blogging and bloggers, in general? Or do you prefer Instagram?

Thanks for reading! 

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