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Monday 26 October 2020

L'Occitane Limited Edition Shea Collection Review


These products were kindly sent to me, without obligation.

I feel like that there are some brands that I consistently say the same things about, but what can I say? If I love a brand, a new release excites me and I will want to try it. If I don't like any of the products I'll say so, but I know what I like and I'd be doing you, the brand and myself, a dis-service if I pretended not to like a product, just for the sake of (false) balance! Why am I saying all of this? Because one of my favourite brands, L'Occitane*, has released their festive collection*! If ever there was a collection made for me, this is it - their classic shea range is combined with mandarin and verbena, both of which are right up my street. I love uplifting, invigorating scents, but the thing with these is that they aren't too sharp and there is a hint of woodiness. I love everything about Christmas, however despite doing all of the baking of cakes, puddings, mince pies etc for my family, I'm not actually fan of anything cinnamon or clove scented, but I do associate mandarins with Christmas, because we always had one in our stockings as children and a big bowl of them in the kitchen, to try to balance the sweets and chocolates! They are so perfectly juicy at this time of year, and being a fan of anything citrusy, these L'Occitane* ranges are perfect for me! All products are available individually, but there are also some beautiful gift sets available too and I can tell you that I would love to find them under my tree!

Verbena Mandarin Eau De Toilette*: I would normally end with a fragrance as I usually write in order of how I use products, but I have to start with this because it reminds me so much of some Jo Loves fragrances, which are a lot more expensive. It combines notes of mandarin and verbena, with musk and wood, so it definitely isn't sharp, but I would still describe it as invigorating and sparkling. From the name, you may not think that it's winter appropriate, but due to the combination of notes, it is. A definite for the Christmas wishlist of any fragrance lover. £49/E52.

Verbena Mandarin Melting Body Cream*:I'm utterly obsessed with this - the texture is exactly as the name describes - it melts into the skin upon application, due to the whipped texture. It smells absolutely divine - the same as the eau de toilette, and it nourishes the skin beautifully, without leaving it greasy. I am flying through this and will have to buy a backup, because layering this with the fragrance, makes the scent last longer. £26/E29.

Verbena Mandarin Melting Hand Cream Travel Size*: If you have ever watched my empties on Insta stories, you'll know that I'm never without a L'Occitane hand cream! I just adore how nourishing they are, but without being greasy, so there is no downtime. Hand creams are more important than ever at the moment, with al of the extra hand washing, so I am also (happily) flying through this product. The smell just makes me smile. £8/E10.50.

Verbena Mandarin Extra Gentle Soap*: Speaking of hand washing, if you prefer a traditional bar of soap, as opposed to one in a plastic pump bottle, you will enjoy this one. Again, it has the same sparkling scent, but it's free from palm oil, is non-drying and leaves hands clean, smelling beautiful, but without that squeaky feeling. £5/E5.50. This soap is also available in the Shea Bergamot Extra Gentle Soap* range, which is zesty and invigorating in scent, and also nourishing and non-stripping, due to the formula. £5/E5.50.

Shea Bergamot Shower Foam*: I love the mousse texture of this product, because very little is needed to create a lather (applied to already wet skin), and the skin is left smelling delightfully fresh, feeling clean, but not stripped. It's a really beautiful formula. £15/E17.50.

Overall, I am completely in love with this range and just wish that it wasn't limited edition, which means I need to stock up on backups a.s.a.p. Has anything here caught your eye? Do these invigorating scents appeal to you? I'd love to hear!

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