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Tuesday 29 June 2021

What I loved in June.....


It is crazy that we are half way through the year! Looking back on June, there have been some crazy moments, but overall, it's been a good month. As always, I am sharing events.shows etc, rather than focusing of products like I used to do in monthly favourites posts, back in the day. I would love to hear how your month has been?

Finally, some sunny days! Even though I was on medication that is incompatible with the sun for some of it - I just whacked on the Factor 50 and sat under a parasol. The sun just instantly lifts my mood, helps my pain and makes me feel good! It was also perfect timing for the re-opening of some of the hospitality sector, which was able to re-open for outdoor drinks and dining, after a long closure, so I'm very happy for those businesses who must have really struggled to survive. I, personally, have no interest in dining out as I'm still too nervous, as I've been incredibly ill, but I've enjoyed the easing of restrictions with regards seeing family. I just adore my nephews and nieces, and although I can't hug them yet, I've really enjoyed seeing them, as the conversations are much better than on FaceTime, plus they're longer! 

I mentioned a few months back that some close family members are ill, well we got some really good news about one of them, which lifted our spirits immensely.

I had a few traumatic times with my own health this month, which finally resulted in an ambulance trip to A&E and a brief hospital stay. Why is this in a 'loves' post? Because I am extremely grateful for the fact that I was seen so quickly, got a diagnosis pretty quickly, and also got home pretty quickly. I'll still need some more tests, but my overall feeling is gratitude to the amazing doctors, nurses and my own GP. I felt quite tender and bruised for days after it, but that's par for the course, and if the pain hadn't been so extreme, things could have gotten a lot worse, as I would have put off actually letting anyone dial 999. It was a blessing in disguise, even though at the time, I might not have thought that, due to the absolutely excruciating pain I was in. PLUS, I GOT MY FIRST DOSE OF THE VACCINE THIS MONTH!! I am so happy and it was on June 21st - Summer Solstice, which seemed like the perfect day to get it after all I've been through.

The Euros: I know that this not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love tournaments! Obviously, what happened to Christian Eriksen was horrifying, but thank God he survived. How terrifying for his family an it put the whole tournament into perspective. Even though Ireland aren't actually in it (but for the sake of my health, this is a good thing because I get so involved, you would think I was the manager!), my husband is English, so I obviously have a vested interest, but to be honest, I love watching any of the matches, regardless of who is playing! 

Wimbledon: I absolutely love Wimbledon and missed it so much last year, so I'm delighted that it is back! I've watched as much of it as possible every year since being a young child. It will be different from other years, without large crowds, but it's still a little bit of normality creeping back in.

Mare of Eastown (Sky): I think that this show was on weekly, but we can never watch shows in that way -  we always wait until all episodes are available and then binge watch. Kate Winslet is a brilliant actress, and didn't disappoint in this show, as the lead star. I don't want to give any spoilers, but she's a detective who is investigating a murdered teenager, which runs alongside a story of two other missing girls, which she doesn't think are connected, in a small town where she grew up and everybody knows everybody, which can make her job more difficult. Her instincts are incredible (hence her position in the force), but her character is also facing her own personal demons, as she has custody of her grandson, after her son took his own life, and she didn't have therapy or face up to it at the time. Just when you think you have it sussed, there are surprising twists and turns, right to the end. It is definitely well worth a watch and there are only seven episodes, so it isn't too time consuming, although it is gripping, so you will probably want to watch more than one at a time.

My final love for June is finally being able to wear my beautiful Aquazzura Tequila Crystal-Embellished Leather sandals (which are now reduced!). It was so cold in May, that I did wonder if I'd ever get a chance to wear them. I just love them so much - bright colours, crystals and comfortable.

What's made you happy in June? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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