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Saturday 19 June 2021

How is my 2021 luxury wishlist coming along?


None of these items were gifted. (I wish!)

In January, I wrote a luxury wishlist for 2021 here: http://www.beautylymin.com/2021/01/my-2021-luxury-wish-list.html so given that we're pretty much half way through the year, I thought I'd update you on it. It wasn't a huge list, with just six items on it, as I really am trying to focus on quality over quantity this year and have only bought clothes that were missing from my wardrobe, or worn out and needed replacing. I know that fast fashion has a market, due to affordability, but I'm trying my best to steer away from that as much as possible. So what have I bought?

As you'll see in the photo above, I had only six items on the list and I'm pretty savvy at checking for discount codes and comparing sites for prices. I have done pretty well so far - I've ticked four of the six products off the list. I'd highly recommend downloading Karmanow, because this automatically searches for discount codes for you, plus you can save products and it will alert you if they go on sale, or come back into stock.

The Stuart Weitzman boots were on sale and then there was a further discount code, so I got them for pretty much half price, if memory serves me correctly (maybe even less). I needed a pair of flat boots in my wardrobe and these will last a few years.

Next, I bought the GHD Curling Wand, which again, I managed to get a 20% discount on. This is really brilliant if you can't get the hand of GHD Straightening Irons waves, as it does the job for you. It's worth keeping an eye on Look Fantastic as they sometimes have 20% promos on GHD, which most sites don't.

Next up were the Golden Goose trainers, which are SO COMFY! I know they're expensive but it's like walking on clouds and I managed to nab a discount by using Karmanow. I can't bring myself to buy any of the really battered looking trainers, but I love the plain ones.

Finally, I got the Saint Laurent Lou Lou bag, which I absolutely adore - I am a real sucker for Saint Laurent bags, because compared to other luxury brands, the price is much better and the quality is excellent.

I'm yet to change my phone (I'm not on a contract and usually buy my phone outright and then, either trade in, or sell my current phone). It's an expense that I can't really justify at the moment as I have a lot of medical expenses on a monthly basis (there's no free healthcare for most people in Ireland), so I've been holding off and chances are, there will be an iPhone 13 in September/October time, so I might upgrade then.

Finally, the LED mask - it's a huge expense (although my LYMIN code will save 20% on Look Fantastic on the Dr Dennis Gross one), but I've seen so many other brands, that I feel I need to do a lot more research before committing. Do you have one that you'd recommend?

Given that we're just half way through the year, I think that I've done pretty well, and I haven't paid full price on anything - I'm a real bargain hunter! I 100% recommend shopping around, because there can be a difference of up to a fifth in price on some of the designer items I've bought, on different sites and some offer free shipping.

Did you make a wishlist this year? If so, how are you doing with it?

Thanks for reading!

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