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Wednesday 30 March 2022

What I loved in March

Usually, when I'm writing these posts, I'll have notes that I'll have written throughout the month, but this hasn't been an easy month. Watching the news every day has weighed very heavily on me (as I'm sure it has with all of you too), watching what is happening in Ukraine, seeing the maternity and children's hospital targeted is beyond evil. Seeing bodies of people shot during what was supposed to be a safe passage - how low can Putin sink? Like all of you I'm sure, I feel so helpless even though I've made several donations and sent a mountain of boxes to the Polish border. I wish we could offer rooms to some refugees, but with my very poor health, I can't (I actually got Covid AGAIN this month!). But, what has lifted my spirits is seeing the good in humanity - so much money raised, supplies sent, homes opened and more. Plus, I cannot explain my admiration for the people of Ukraine enough. They are fantastic, despite the circumstances, and display all of the qualities that people need to get through tough times. In my niece's class, there is a Ukranian girl, and everyone has been so kind and welcoming to her, which really warms my heart. There was an Irish university student trying to find a safe passage home, but it was proving very difficult, and two men from Scotland drove over to rescue her and her small group of fellow students. How amazing is that? Good will always triumph in the end - we have to believe that.  Here are the few good things that I have loved in March, because when life is dark, we always have to look for the light....


CND Vinylux Nail Polish in the shade Romantique: I really didn't need another pale pink nail polish, but this has been on my radar for years, and I love how long-lasting CND polishes are. I adore the colour, but I have found that it's imperative that you apply in thin layers, otherwise it has a tendency to streak. I have tried two layers, but have found using three looks best and lasts really well. I always use a top coat, and find that I get a good 5/6 days out of it. A small treat if you're in the mood for something without breaking the bank, plus you can save 20% with the code LYMIN if you buy from Look Fantastic. Sometimes, when there is a lot going on in your own world, or the world in general, an act as simple as painting your nails can be calming and gives your head some space to focus on a simple task.

L'Occitane Delicate Shea range*: I reviewed it here, and have finished everything, apart from the lip balm (currently flying through it!) already, so I need to stock up, as the formula is divine, and the scent is delicate and understated - perfect for Spring.

FOREO UFO 2*: Again, I reviewed this here, but I just can't get enough of it! It really does give the full mask experience in under. 2 minutes - it's really been one of my very best discoveries so far this year, and so very useful, given how ill I've been, but I still wanted to take care of my skin but without all of the hard work usually involved! It's pricey, but a definite investment!

Everything else:

St. Patrick's Day - it was a double bank holiday here in Ireland (a 3 day week or a 4 day weekend?!) on March 17th and 18th. The 17th is always a bank holiday, and this year there was an extra one, in remembrance of those who have lost their lives to Covid (and continue to do so), and to recognise the work of the frontline workers during the pandemic. Every other year, that second bank holiday will be held on the first Monday in February. I love St Patrick's Day, as we have always celebrated it as a very special occasion, being the proud Irish family that we are. Traditions have changed over the years, but my love for the day remains. I'm also very happy that there will forever be a day of remembrance for Covid 19, as it has changed the lives of many forever, and a national day in their honour is fitting. 

Mother's Day - in our family, we love special occasions (and can make an occasion out of anything!), we get this from my late Granda. It doesn't have to be anything too grand, but we like to mark special days, and given that my lovely Mam had a stroke last September, this year was extra special, as things could have turned out a lot differently. With all that's going on in the world, it's nice to have some days of celebration, even though the war and suffering is always on my mind. It makes it even more important to celebrate what and when you can.

I booked a sun holiday! I don't know if rules will change again before then, or even how my health will be (although our travel insurance has Covid cover), but I just felt the urge to book a holiday, where we can just completely chill out and soak up some sun, read and listen to music. It's not until the end of May, but I'm really hoping that we can go, as the last 2 years have been very tough with illness, death and more, so we're both feeling pretty burnt out. If this goes well (and I'll be like a mad woman on the plane, cleaning everything before we sit down, and double-masked, plus taking my own pillow and sanitising everything in sight!), I also hope we can get over to Spain to see my best friend and her family later in the summer, because it's been far too long! One step at a time though!

I have no TV or film recommendations this month, purely because anything we watched was just mediocre, at best! Well, that and we went to our comfort zone of The Bg Bang Theory and Schitt's Creek again, because we needed something light and easy to watch, when the world is such a dark place at the moment.

Spring: My favourite season has begun, and I have been watching the magnolia tree for months, weathering storms, and standing its ground, then it began to bloom on St Patrick's Day & what a sight to behold. I love watching the process, but if you want to take photos, you have to act fast, as once it's in full bloom, it doesn't last very long. The smell of freshly cut grass always lifts my spirits, and the number of sunny days that we've had in the second half of the month has been very welcome. Moderately warm, rather than a heatwave (it is only March still!), but bright blue skies and candy floss sunrises can't help but put a smile on my face!

So that's it from me! I'd love to hear what you enjoyed this month? Plus, we really need some TV recommendations, so if you have any, please send them my way!

Thanks for reading!

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