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Tuesday 14 February 2023

Nourish skincare is now available in Ireland....


Nourish skincare is now available in Ireland,
These products were kindly sent to me, without obligation.

Nourish skincare is a brand that I have often seen reviewed on blogs over the years and I've often added products to my never-ending wishlist, however the brand wasn't easily accessible to those of us in Ireland. That's no longer a problem thanks to Brilliance.ie which is a new site that sells hair and beauty brands, Nourish London being one of them. This is a certified organic and vegan skincare range, which includes facial skincare, SPF, hand cream and a pillow mist. I was kindly sent some products to try and want to share my thoughts on them with you today!

Antioxidant Peptide Mist: I use a mist as part of my skincare regime daily and have done for years, but this one immediately grabbed my attention because I adore anything with peptides! I also love antioxidant skincare (turmeric is the anti-oxidant in this case), which protect against environmental damage (particularly great if you work in a city, where pollution takes its toll on your skin. I must mention that this also contains essential oils, which may not suit some people who have very sensitive skin, however my skin is reactive and I haven't had. problem because they aren't very potent in the mist. This can be using after cleansing or toning (it contains hyaluronic acid, which will help to hydrate the skin), or even throughout the day to refresh the skin. It would be handy for travelling, as the bottle contains 100ml so it would be allowed in your liquid bag (who else is looking forward to the liquid limit being lifted?!), although the glass bottle is quite heavy. The spray action is pretty fine - not the finest I've ever used, however it doesn't leave splotches all over your face, hence it being ideal over makeup for a refresh. 

Argan Anti-Ageing Peptide Serum: This serum packs a punch in terms of ingredients and what it does for the skin. It has a beautiful silky texture that absorbs easily and doesn't pill. It contains Argan Oil (you'd never have guessed that from the name!), which hydrates and nourishes the skin, alongside hyaluronic acid, which attracts and holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. It also contains Tripeptides, which stimulate the production of collagen, thereby plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. It also contains kale, which acts as an antioxidant. I find that my skin looks more radiant and luminous when I use this serum. I would say that a little goes a long way with it and it is probably my favourite of the three products I'm reviewing in this post.

Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser: The perfect product to use over the serum, as the two combined really leave the skin super soft and plump. It's packed with skin plumping ingredients - Argan Oil (for nourishment), Tri-peptides (for plumping the skin), Vitamin E (acts as an antioxidant), plus it does contain some essential oils, which may not suit everyone but I personally haven't had an issue. I would definitely warn that a little goes a long way with this moisturiser, which is great because it will last for quite a while. I just love the combination of this and the serum for silky soft and bouncy skin!

I am very tempted to buy more products from the range because all three of these get the thumbs up from me. All available from Brilliance.ie in Ireland ( so there won't be any surprise fees on arrival!). 

Have you tried any Nourish London products? If so. I'd love to hear any recommendations you might have?

Thanks for reading!

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