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Saturday 4 November 2023

Brand Focus: Shani Darden


Brand Focus: Shani Darden

It's been a hot minute since I did a Brand Focus post but looking at my stats, they were always very well received so I decided to bring the series back, starting with Shani Darden. I first used this brand around 4 years ago when she had a capsule collection - it has since expanded but isn't a huge range at the moment. I actually like this because it means that she is taking a lot of time developing each product. I like the chic, minimalist packaging, which is also functional. Shani is known for being a facialist to some big names, with Jennifer Aniston being among her fans. For reference, my skin is dry and dehydrated.

Cleansing Serum: First off, I love that this has a pump - it's the simple things that sometimes please the most! Given the name cleansing serum, I expected that this would be hydrating and it is, which I am very happy about. The texture is that of a silky gel and it's applied to damp skin, massaged in and it then transforms into a mild foam, which cleanses the skin without stripping it. I personally wouldn't say that this could remove my eye makeup, whatever about face makeup, but maybe I wear too much mascara! I still prefer to use a separate product to remove eye makeup and ensure that my lashes are completely clean. After rinsing, the skin feels comfortable and not at all tight or stripped. I think that this would suit all skin types.

Sake Toning Essence: Before I started to use an essence, I thought that they might be gimmicks or 'Princess products' but if you find a good one, you will definitely see and feel the difference in your skin in terms of hydration. I think most people know the story of sake and how its skincare benefits were discovered (if not, read more here), this essence contains both sake and sebocytine, which helps to reduce the appearance of pores. This feels like a drink of water for the skin! I pour a few drops into my hands and pat it all over my face and neck and in an instant, my skin feels more comfortable (you can apply using a cotton wool pad but my preference is to pat it in to my skin). I just love how it makes my skin feel alive and supple, ready for the next step.

Intensive Eye Renewal Cream with Firming Peptides: I'm all about peptides in my skincare products because anything that will help my skin to look more youthful is a hit in my book! I know that some people don't see any point in using an eye cream and each to their own but I couldn't skip this step and have been doing it since my early twenties. I think the key is to find a good eye cream and for me, that is one that will help to smooth the appearance of fine lines, reduce signs of fatigue and a bit of depuffing is always a bonus! This eye cream is super nourishing with ingredients such as shea butter, squalane and ceramides, which promote the production of collagen, which in turn helps the eye area to appear firmer. It's cooling upon application, creamy, absorbs easily and can be applied on the lids as well as the under eye area. The general area looks fresher and smoother, with concealer applying well over it and not settling into fine lines. This is definitely one of the best eye creams that I have used!

Hydration Peptide Cream: Again, this is packed with skin nourishing ingredients, including shea butter, peptides and glycerin. This might sound like it would make the moisturiser very rich, which it is but it actually absorbs quickly and doesn't feel like there is a film of product on the skin. I love how nourishing it is and it really feels like my skin is cocooned and is as bouncy as a cushion. What I really love is that the moisturised feeling lasts on the skin rather than just disappearing after a few hours. This is perfect for the colder months, in particular, or if you have very dry skin. There is also a Weightless Oil-Free Moisturiser available for oily skin.

Retinol Reform: This is probably the product that Shani is best known for and I think that it's actually a good option for those who are new to retinol as it's designed to be used under a moisturiser rather than on its own, so that combination gives the skin a buffer. It also contains lactic acid, which helps to gently exfoliate the surface levels of the skin. If you are new to retinol, I'd recommend using maybe twice weekly and then building up from there. I have never experienced any tingling, peeling or redness with this product, which is why I'd recommend it to retinol newbies, yet it does give the skin a glow and radiance that you'd expect with the ingredient.

Signature Nourishing Facial Mask: Moisturising or nourishing masks aren't usually clay based, which makes this different, but it doesn't set or tighten like clay masks usually do. It feels instantly soothing on the skin, which makes it the perfect product to use if you've overdone the acids or maybe the weather has just adversely affected your skin, or your skin is just stressed in general. It contains colloidal oatmeal, which is calming, squalane, which helps to lock in moisture, and a triple-tea complex, which is soothing.  It only needs to be applied for 10 minutes, so it really is a quick fix solution, and afterwards skin looks more even, calm and feels comfortable.

There is a Starter Kit available (containing 3 products), also a Lactic Acid Exfoliating Serum and a Facial Sculpting Wand, which looks interesting! I really am a sucker for a good skincare tool!

Overall, I find this brand to be effective, it feels good to use the products - not necessarily a spa-like experience, but skin feels good after using it, and I'd recommend it to those who want their skin to be in tip-top condition without taking too much effort as the products do the work for you.

Have you tried any Shani Darden products? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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