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Wednesday 22 November 2023

The best smelling candles and diffusers for the festive season....

The best smelling candles and diffusers for the festive season

I'll be honest, I've had festive fragrances going in the house for a few weeks at this stage and even burnt a Christmas candle back in July (to be fair, the weather was like December anyway!), but I know that most people will wait until December to start with the festive scents. I wanted to share my favourite candles and diffusers with you today because they make perfect gifts, but also really set the mood for the coming weeks. I will say in advance that I don't like the usual clove/cinnamon/nutmeg festive scents. I like that smell coming from the oven when I'm baking or when I make mulled wine (I don't eat or drink any of those), however I find they catch in my throat when they're in candle form, so all of these are based around other festive scents.

Jo Loves Snowflakes Candle: As you can guess from the photo above (or if you've read my blog for any amount of time), I'm a massive fan of Jo Loves. They do festive fragrances particularly well and if I could afford it, I'd have them all but until I win the lotto, I have three! I love the packaging this year - the gold stars are subtle but festive! The fragrance itself is crisp like being outside on a frosty/snowy day, but also has some depth. It obviously contains eucalyptus, which a lot of festive fragrances do and it also contains cinnamon, which I know I said that I don't like in the opening paragraph, but I personally can't smell it but it might be what takes the sharp edge off and gives it some warmth. Even unlit this candle fills the room with fragrance but not in an overpowering way. It definitely has me in the mood for Christmas (and I'd love a snowy one!).

Jo Loves Christmas Trees (last year's packaging) Candle: I didn't finish this last year because I had so many festive candles but it's only the packaging that has changed so I dug last year's out. Because we have an artificial tree, I like to have some pine scented candles or diffusers so that I can pretend that it's real! This is a truly beautiful scent with notes of pine, lavender and amber for some warmth. It doesn't smell like toilet cleaner as some pine candles do and it brings me back to when we would choose a real tree and the festive scent that I loved!

Jo Loves Roasted Chestnuts Candle: If you've ever been to a Christmas market, you'll appreciate the warm and cosy scent of roasted chestnuts, plus it reminds me of the opening line of Nat King Cole's 'The Christmas Song' - a double thumbs up from me! This is a warm, rich scent that smells beautiful even when unlit but it isn't overpowering in the way that you might expect Roasted Chestnuts to be. The main notes are vanilla and sandalwood, which combine very well rather than one overpowering the other. If you like warm, cosy scents then this is for you!

Zara Home Winter Cypress Candle: On the more affordable side is this candle from Zara Home, which is beautifully presented. The notes include pine, cypress, eucalyptus, clove (not that I can smell it), moss and cedar wood. It definitely makes me think of being in a forest, or around trees in general, on a snowy day. It would make a beautiful centre piece for any table too!

Zara Home Salted Caramel Reed Diffuser: Be still my beating heart! This is the most delicious, almost edible scent! I go between craving something sweet and this satisfying a craving for something sweet! You need to like warm and sweet scents to enjoy this, but I have to say that it isn't sickly sweet. The notes are a combination of praline, vanilla, caramel, nut butter and some fruit (although I don't smell anything fruity!). It reminds me of when I was young, sitting by the fire in my Granda's house at Christmas eating toffees - bliss!

Neom Perfect Peace Essential Oil Blend for Wellbeing Pod Diffuser: I love my pod diffuser and I also love that there are festive oils for those who don't want to light candles (with children or boisterous pets around). This is an uplifting scent with notes of pine, lime and myrrh. It's fresh and I think it could be used at any time of year, rather than exclusively at Christmas!

Diptyque Mini Sapin Room Spray: Finally, I bought this because I had it a few years ago and again, I used it in the sitting room because of the artificial tree. This is ideal for giving the scent of a real tree without any real maintenance - I don't need to be wary of leaving a candle unlit, turn the reeds in a diffuser or anything else.  I just mist it around the room and that's the scent elevated! 

Do you like festive scents in your home? I'd love to hear your favourites! 

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