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Wednesday 6 December 2023

Body moisturisers for the colder months..... Goodbye lizard skin!

Body moisturisers for the colder months..... Goodbye lizard skin!

I have dry skin so I have to moisturise my body daily but I really have to up the ante in Winter because my skin feels tight and sometimes itchy if I don't use an adequate body cream or lotion. I use oils too, but not when I have initially tanned as they will just break the tan down and make it disappear quickly, so I tend to keep those for the few days before I know I will be applying a fresh layer. I like to use moisturisers that will absorb quickly, nourish my skin and leave it feeling moisturised (but not greasy) for hours after application. Here are some of my top picks...

Emma Hardie Moringa Luxury Body Butter:  This is a luxurious treat. It's rich in texture but absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way. I personally like the Moringa scent and it lingers on the skin. It's the ideal body moisturiser to use after a scrub as it really replenishes and nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling supple, plus that moisturised feeling lasts for hours. Use my code BEAUTYLYMIN to save 21% on Look Fantastic.

Laura Mercier Serum Body Cream: The revamped body soufflés are no disappointment! Available in three scent combinations, these are another luxurious treat and would make a gorgeous gift. The texture is of a soft cream and it feels like you've added a layer of hydrating serum before the moisturiser but it doesn't feel at all greasy. I find the scent on these to be rich and lingering and if I apply in the evening, I can still smell it on my dressing gown the next time I use it. It can be layered with the accompanying fragrance for real staying power, but even the body cream alone is enough if you want to smell nice.

Sol De Janeiro Bom Dia Bright Cream: This body moisturiser very gently exfoliates the skin as well as nourishing it, so it reveals super soft and smooth skin. The scent is quite invigorating - light fruits but with a hint of musk too. I find it addictive and love how it makes my skin feel. It's perfect for everyday use and a little goes a long way. 

Jo Loves A Body Lotion (various scents): For those who prefer a lotion to a cream, these are a gorgeous choice. Not only will they leave you smelling amazing but the lotion is super moisturising, despite its light texture. This absorbs in an instant, so there's no waiting around in the nude to get dressed (not good in this weather!), and the scent lingers for hours on supple, soft skin.

Mio Go With The Flow Body Oil: An oil is essential for me at this time of year and this one is truly gorgeous because it has a light texture, so you don't feel like you're slip-sliding with clothes or pyjamas stuck to your skin! It's very nourishing and I just adore the calming scent. I love this after an evening bath or shower because the scent really helps me to unwind for the evening. It's also currently reduced on Look Fantastic.

I'd love to hear what your favourite body moisturisers are and if you have to up the ante at this time of year?

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