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Monday 8 July 2024

L'Oreal Metal Detox Pre-Shampoo Treatment Review


L'Oreal Metal Detox Pre-Shampoo Treatment Review

In recent years we've seen a lot of pre-shampoo treatments hit the market. Initially they focused on nourishing and strengthening the hair but recently there has been an emergence of products that focus on removing a build up of minerals, which will in turn make the hair less porous and prone to damage, In my experience, they also help to brighten the colour. I'm already a big fan of the L'Oreal Metal Detox range so when I saw that they had released a new pre-shampoo treatment, I had to buy it! It's currently reduced on Look Fantastic and my BEAUTYLYMIN code gives a further reduction.

I reviewed the shampoo and mask when they were first released in 2022 (here) and have gone on to repurchase both, plus the hair oil, which I also love. There is also a leave-in cream in the line and I've has a sample of it but it wasn't the right fit for my hair (I have fine hair and cream products tend to weigh it down more than serums or mists), so I didn't go on to purchase it. 

All of the products smell amazing - a citrusy, but not too sharp, scent and it smells very much like you've been to the salon. I love how they leave my hair feeling super soft and swishy and revitalise my colour (both brunette and blonde parts of my balayaged hair but it will refresh all hair colours).  

Gliocamine is the main ingredient for removing copper from the hair. This can build up in pipes and therefore be in the water you use to wash your hair and unless you use something to counteract it, it will eventually lead to dull and damaged hair.  I live in a hard water area and even with a water softener, the effects are still seen in our appliances so I can only imagine the effect it has on my hair. 

The product itself has a gel-like texture and is applied to wet hair, which is sectioned in two. I work it into my hair until it lathers, which takes 2 minutes maximum (I love that I don't need to leave it in for half an hour, as is the case with nourishing treatments). Then I use a tangle teezer to ensure that it is evenly distributed. Next, without rinsing, I apply the shampoo to the hair and massage in before rinsing and then using the mask. After rinsing the mask, I use some of the oil to add protection before using heat.

This range is superb in brightening, strengthening and nourishing the hair. It really makes my hair look as though it has been freshly coloured, doesn't weigh it down and detangling is much easier too. I don't use it every time I was my hair but maybe every third or fourth time. 

If you live in a hard water area, have dull and damaged hair (no matter what other products you use), I would highly recommend trying this range. A little goes a long way with all of the products and it will refresh your colour as well as strengthening your hair overall.

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