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Thursday 24 May 2018

I need your product recommendations!

The main reason that I started my blog (apart from it being a distraction from my illness), was to start a conversation about beauty. I love that my friend Anne from Linda Libra Loca got a product recommendation in the comments section of one of my posts, which she went on to buy. As shallow as it may sound to some, talking about beauty products is one of my favourite things to do but I also like to listen and that's how today's post has come about! I need some product recommendations and would love if you would leave a comment below - even if you have never commented before, I'd love to hear from you now!

Okay, so the first thing I need a recommendation for is a waterproof mascara that is actually waterproof? I have never found any not to smudge and give me serious panda eyes!

On the topic of eyes, mine have become even more watery recently and my liquid liners are smudging when I do a cat flick - what is the best waterproof liquid liner you have used or should I try a gel liner? It's years since I used one of those!

I need a decent tan mitt! All of mine only last for 2 maybe 3 uses and then they have tears along the seams, which means that the fake tan gets under my nails! Are expensive tan mitts really worth investing in?

I need a coral lipstick recommendation - I know that Charlotte Tilbury is releasing one later this summer but if you have a recommendation for an existing one, please let me know. I don't want a frost - I'd prefer a finish like MAC Cremesheens but it can be from any brand.

I also would love a nail base coat recommendation as I am just about finished two that I have and just fancy a change.

Also for nails, I need a white nail polish that doesn't look like tippex!

I feel like I really need some new brushes - for blush, bronzer, highlight and contour. I have eye brushes that I love but have never really found face brushes that I'm 100% happy with!

That's everything that I can think of for now but I would really appreciate your help! Also, if you need some suggestions, please comment below and let's get a conversation going!

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Thanks for reading! 

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