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Friday 18 May 2018

Setting sprays to add glow, lock in makeup or refresh the skin

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Because I have dry skin, I tend to favour setting sprays over powders to set my makeup and sometimes to add some luminosity or up the glow! Sometimes, I just want to refresh my makeup and a setting spray is ideal for that too. Ever the minimalist, I have six in my collection that I want to share my thoughts on with you today!

To refresh makeup:

Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray: I love how refreshing this feels on the skin and it works really well to revive makeup but it is also great if I've used powder or bronzer, to remove any caking. As a primer, it would work well for normal skin but on my dry skin, I need something more moisturising under my foundation. The mist isn't the finest I have used but at the same time, it doesn't spray with too much force. Oh and did I mention that it smells of coconut? £27

To add some glow:

GLAMGLOW Glow Setter Makeup Setting Spray: The mist on this spray is pretty fine so there is no chance of it disturbing the base underneath. This product really does up the ante in the glow stakes but it never looks greasy. It also performs well as a setting spray, extending the wear time of my base. It has a very sweet, vanilla scent, which I am not the biggest fan of but it dissipates once applied so don't  let this put you off if you aren't a fan of sweet scents either. £12-24. €14-29.

Cover Fx Illuminating Setting Spray: This has the finest mist that I have ever experienced in a spray so it doesn't disturb my base or make my mascara run! I absolutely love this spray for the luminosity it gives - it is ideal for days when I am wearing a satin or demi-matte foundation and want to soften the look. It also works really well at securing my base and can be re-applied during the day to refresh makeup. An all round winner for me! £9-22.

To lock in my makeup:

Catrice Makeup Freezing Setting Spray: It's such a shame that this was a limited edition product because it works so well and is really affordable. It is really refreshing on the skin and has a fine mist. It doesn't add glow, nor does it mattify - it literally just locks in your base. Released as part of their 'active warrior' range, this is designed for use when exercising but in humid conditions, everyone would benefit from this spray!

Kat Von D Lock It Makeup Setting Mist: I love the refreshing cucumber/melon scent of this product and also the fine mist. As the name suggests, this really does lock in makeup and out of the six sprays in this post, this is the one that makes my foundation completely budgeproof! Suitable for all skin types, this is one to reach for when applying your makeup for a long day/night or in humid conditions as you cannot feel it on the skin but the weartime of every foundation is extended with this mist! £20/€25.

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist: The spray on this is not as fine as any of the others in this post, which is disappointing but other than that, this is a great mist for setting makeup and removing the powdery look that some matte foundations can give the skin. It is also very soothing on the skin and the scents of rose and green tea combine to make me feel relaxed. The plastic bottle is travel friendly and this is a great one for refreshing makeup during the day as well as setting makeup in place. £16.

Are you a fan of setting sprays? What is your favourite? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading! 

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