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Tuesday 1 October 2019

Omorovicza Silver skincare range review

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Regular readers will know that Omorovicza is one of my absolute favourite skincare brands (definitely in my top three) and every time they release a new product, I want to try it even if it might not be actually aimed at my skin type! I have dry, textured and quite reactive skin but I have never had a negative reaction to any products from this brand. All products contain their patented Healing Concentrate and this really does help to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. Last year, I reviewed their Silver Skin Saviour Mask here and in recent months, two new products were added to the Silver line and I want to share my thoughts on them with you today. Those with oily, combination or blemish-prone skin will love this range.

Silver Skin Saviour: Like I mentioned, this mask is aimed at those with blemish-prone skin but I really think that all skin types would enjoy it because it exfoliates, deeply cleanses and calms the skin. It contains Salicylic Acid, which blemish-prone skin will particularly enjoy as it is oil soluble and deeply penetrates the pores, which helps to prevent blackheads and whiteheads. It also contains Glycolic Acid, which offers surface exfoliation. All of the products in the Silver line contain Colloidal Silver, which has healing properties and fights bacteria in the skin. This mask leaves skin looking clear and feeling smooth - I find it particularly great for those annoying under the skin bumps that can appear and for minimising the appearance of pores. It's expensive but once weekly use is ample and this ensures it will last a long time. Full review here

Silver Saviour Tonic: This toner can be used daily to prevent and treat spots - it's effective yet gentle enough for daily use, thanks to the Healing Concentrate, which I mentioned earlier. It contains Salicylic Acid, Colloidal Silver, both of which treat blemishes but it also contains Niacinamide, which has anti-inflammatory properties but also strengthens the skin by protecting its barrier. It is applied to cleansed skin on a cotton wool pad and then left for a few minutes before proceeding with a mist, serum and moisturiser. Even though I don't have blemish-prone skin, I am enjoying using this tonic. It has no discernible scent, isn't drying and leaves skin looking clear with refined pores. I am rotating it with other acid toners as I don't think it is necessary for me to use daily, given my dry skin however for those with oily or combination skin, daily use will be possible as it isn't stripping or inflammatory at all and it will keep blackheads and whiteheads at bay.

Silver Skin Lotion: The third and final product in this line is a moisturiser in the form of a lotion. I would imagine that finding a moisturiser for oily or combination skin isn't the easiest task as it has to be lightweight, yet hydrating and non-comedogenic. This lotion will tick all boxes because it contains Colloidal Silver and Niacinamide, both of which aim to treat and prevent blemishes, Zinc, which protects against free radicals and Hyaluronic Acid, which attracts 1000 X its weight in moisture. The formula is lightweight and it sinks into the skin immediately. My dry skin needs more nourishment and hydration than this lotion can offer but I have asked my husband to use it as he has oily/combination skin and it is working well for him as he doesn't like anything too heavy or greasy plus this also mattifies the skin. Definitely one to check out if you have oily, yet dehydrated skin or those who are blemish-prone.

Do these products sound like they would work for you? I'd love to hear!

All three products are available from Cult Beauty.

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