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Wednesday 6 November 2019

Finally, face tanners that don't break me out! St Tropez and SoSu by Suzanne Jackson

St Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist, SoSu by Suzanne Jackson Wonder Water, Face tan that won't break you out

I know it may seem a bit strange to talk about self tan at this time of year but I'm a weekly tanner regardless of the season! I also like to have a little colour in my cheeks so that I don't look deathly pale on no-makeup days! The problem that I've had in the past is that most fake tans break me out really badly, when used on my face - either that or they make my skin even drier but also visibly congested. For years, I just tanned my body and left my face, which admittedly looked odd but it was better than the alternative. Earlier this year, I decided to give St Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist a try and I haven't looked back! In fact, I now have a second face tanner that doesn't break me out and is half the price...

I've been using St Tropez tanning products for around 18/19 years and the Purity range, which was added to their lineup last year has been a revelation. I could never understand how people said they applied tan and then got dressed because I just couldn't bear the thought of wearing clothes and going about my day covered in tan, which would start to smell as it developed! But the Purity range is different - the gel is non-sticky, non-transferable and actually smells beautiful - like a fruit cocktail! Because I loved the gel so much, I decided to try the Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist. What I love most about this tan is the golden colour it gives - it definitely isn't bronze or oompa-loompa style (although you could layer it if you want a deeper tan) but on me, it looks natural. I apply it in the evening, after my skincare routine and I wake to a light, golden tan. Obviously, I don't use it on nights where I have used retinol as it might just peel! I have also used it in the morning if I'm not wearing makeup and the tan develops in a few hours. The mist action is very fine so there is no patchiness - it just creates a very even tan. Oh and it also doesn't smell like traditional fake tans. £22.

A girl in my local hair salon recently told me about SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Wonder Water so I thought I'd give it a go. She was just back from holiday and looked great but she said the tan was out of a bottle so I asked which one because it looked so natural and this was what she had used. This is half the price of the St Tropez and also gives a really gorgeous, golden tan. It's available in two shades, depending on your taste and skin tone. The only drawback of this tan is the spray - it is nowhere near as fine as the St Tropez mist so I feel like it is a little hard to get an even tan. To combat this, I use a brush to blend it into my face but I think I'll transfer it into an empty St Tropez bottle as I much prefer that mist action. I possibly just got a dud spray as I haven't seen anybody else mention it. I would love to hear if you tried it and found similar? £10.95.

The great thing about both of these tans is that neither breaks me out or looks unnatural. They both last a long time because I just need a few mists two or three times weekly. It's important to keep on top of exfoliation and skincare routine, in general, to ensure an even tan. I'm just so glad that my face and body now match!

Have you tried either of these? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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