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Thursday 28 November 2019

Five products that I am currently using non-stop!

Five current loves, Revitalash, Rä oil, Color WOW, Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise, KOSAS Color & Light Creme,

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I go through phases of using new products regularly and then at other times, I find that I reach for the same few products on a daily basis for weeks. Today I'm sharing five products that I'm constantly using at the moment - a mix of makeup, skincare and haircare.

RevitaLash Advanced: I've taken a break from my lash extensions after having them on and refilled for around 5 months over Spring/Summer and whilst my lashes weren't actually damaged, it was a bit of a shock to see the length and volume disappear! Going from having the false lash look daily to my natural lashes was made a bit easier after a few weeks of using this lash serum, I wish I had taken a before photo to compare! I have been applying it every night as part of my skincare routine and haven't skipped even one night and as a result, my lashes are longer, stronger and more fluttery. It takes around 3 weeks to see results but it is worth being consistent with it because the results really are worth it. I just apply a small amount along the lash line after completing my skincare routine but if mornings would suit you better, you can do that but just make sure to let it dry completely before applying makeup. The serum was actually developed by an opthamologist who wanted to help his wife regain her confidence during her cancer battle. What a fantastic job he did!

Color Wow Raise The Root Thicken & Lift Spray: I've raved about the Dream Coat Spray from this brand before but when Jodie Wood recommended this spray, I knew I had to give it a go because she her hair always looks immaculate. I like to use a product that will help to give my hair some volume as it's quite fine and I have a lot of hair so it can sometimes look a bit flat. That said, I don't like the feeling of product in my hair and especially don't like it to feel crispy. I spray a little amount of this product on the roots of my har while it's damp, before I blow dry it and the result is thicker looking hair with full roots. It doesn't feel at all sticky and doesn't make my roots get greasy more quickly. A little goes a long way so it's worth buying this travel size to see how it works for you.

Rä Oils Skin Rescue Face & Body Oil: I've raved about this oil a few times previously on the blog.When the temperature started to drop, I put this back into my regular rotation because it instantly soothes my skin and also nourishes thanks to the combination of evening primrose oil, argan oil, vitamin E and chamomile. It also smells really calming, which adds to the experience.

Kosas Color + Light Crème: I know that a peachy blush may not be seasonal but I love how this shade lifts my complexion and I find cream products more flattering on my dry skin, especially in winter. I have a full review with swatches here.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise Star Gold: I love the formula of these cream shadows (review here) so when I was purchasing a back up of Rose Gold, I decided to add Star Gold to my cart too. It's actually a coppery/bronze/gold shade that really works well with my green eyes but I honestly think it would suit all eye colours. It's so easy to apply, doesn't crease and has a beautiful shimmery finish. Gorgeous!

What are you loving at the moment? Do you rotate products regularly? I'd love to hear!

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