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Friday 18 September 2020

Is Charlotte Tilbury Push Up Mascara worth the hype?

Is Charlotte Tilbury Push Up Mascara worth the hype?

When Charlotte Tilbury first released her collection in 2014, I was very excited and I lusted after so many of her products and eventually tried most of them (not in all shades, obviously), but in the last 6-9 months, I've found myself shunning the brand to an extent because of the constant churning out of new products every 3 weeks that are all deemed to be 'magical' and life-changing'. When a brand releases makeup so frequently, it no longer feels special and this is a real shame as I would have said that it was my favourite makeup brand a few years ago. Also, the people who handle their PR seem to get it all wrong - when you see bloggers just opening large packages on their Instastories and saying that their mother would love this and their sister would love that, it tells us nothing about the product, apart from the fact that they've received a big package that they'll distribute among friends and family and maybe do one Instagram photo of them wearing one product, out of a large number (plus it's always the same few, predictable faces who never seem to spend their own money on her products). To me, it sends out the wrong message - just have big names holding your products and that will suffice, rather than considering smaller bloggers who will actually use and review the product. I've been told privately on Instagram from someone who works in a pharmacy that products that big bloggers rave about are now very slow to sell, whereas a few years ago, if they just mentioned them, they sold out instantly - there is less trust when there are no actual reviews or only paid reviews. Maybe the PR need to re-think their strategy and I don't say this because I don't receive PR from them, I say it because I am also a consumer and I like to see a variety of actual reviews, not just photos! Also, all through lockdown, when a lot of people weren't earning, were losing loved ones or were ill themselves, the brand churned out product after product, whereas other brands were more sensitive to the fact that there was a global pandemic and delayed some releases. All of that being said, Charlotte does have some truly beautiful products, which is why I still buy some, but certainly nowhere near as many as I used to.

I hated her first Legendary Lashes mascara - actually no, I loved the effect on my lashes, but it smudged everywhere. I then fell in love with her Legendary Lashes 2, which gave all of the volume of the first but with the panda-eye effect. I did wonder what another mascara could offer as she also sells her Full Fat Lashes too. When I saw that this was called Pillow Talk Push Up Mascara, I rolled my eyes because, seriously, how many more products can be released under the Pillow Talk umbrella? It's a joke at this stage! I expected it to be a burgundy mascara, but it's actually black so I don't really get the Pillow Talk connection? In any case, the reviews were all pretty positive and I love a good mascara and never mind spending on one, so I caved and ordered it, but is it worth the hype?

First up, I have to admit that I love the packaging. I like the pale pink and rose gold combination - the ribbed lid reminds me of her lipstick packaging, which I also love. It claims to give volume, length and stretch, which is unusual as it's normally either volume or length. The wand is unlike any I have in my collection because I usually go for mascaras that will add volume, so the wand is generally a thick, packed barrel shape. This wand is plastic and diamond shaped, with a comb that can be used to separate the lashes, for definition.

Is Charlotte Tilbury Push Up Mascara worth the hype?

It does take a little getting used to when you usually use fibrous, barrel shaped wands. What I like about it, there doesn't seem to be a lot of excess product when you remove the wand from the tube, so there's no waste. I start by using the brush horizontally and this ensures that I can get right in to the roots of my lashes, making sure that each individual lash is coated. The reason that this mascara is described as stretchy is that it contains keratin and polymer, which strengthen the lashes, so you don't feel like you will break them as you go from the root to the very tip. I repeat this process a few times to make sure that every lash is coated, and I brush upwards and outwards at the corners, and the result is lengthened and defined lashes. You could leave it at that if you like a natural lash look, or for daytime use.

Is Charlotte Tilbury Push Up Mascara worth the hype?

I then turn the brush on to it's side, and repeat the process to add some volume. It doesn't give as much volume as Legendary Lashes, or some of my other volume-giving mascaras, but combined with the length and the fact that every single lash in coated, my lashes do look dramatic, without looking like I have false lashes on. 

I love that it's a very black mascara and that it doesn't make my lashes crispy. I also love that it doesn't smudge or crease on my oily lid/watery eye combo. I have to say that Charlotte is on to a winner here and that the Charlotte Tilbury Push Up Mascara is totally worth the hype. I think that those who have small eyes or hooded eyes, will especially love it as it's s easy to get to the root of your lashes and it really does give length and you can fan your lashes out. It also gives a curl, so even those with straight lashes should love it.

As much as I have ranted about the brand at the beginning of this post, it's like I said, she really does produce some gorgeous products and this is another one of them.

Have you tried it? Are you tempted to? What do you think of the brand, in general? I'd love to hear!

Available from Charlotte Tilbury, Cult Beauty, Space NK and Feel Unique. It's also available in mini sizes.

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