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Sunday 11 July 2021

Two new releases from Omorovicza: Queen Of Hungary Evening Mist and Gentle Buffing Gelée

Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Evening Mist Review, Omorovicza Gentle Buffing Gelee Review
These products were kindly went to me, without obligation.

When my favourite skincare brands releases new products, I sit up and take notice straightaway!  Omorovicza released two new products in June and I was absolutely delighted to be sent both to try, given that I would have bought them anyway, and they arrived at the perfect time, as they were here when I got out of hospital, in need of a good pamper and I just wanted to get the "smell of hospital" off me!  The two new additions to the range are a cleanser in the form of a Gentle Buffing Gelée and an evening version of the Queen of Hungary Mist (one of my all time favourite products). Now that I've been using the products for over a month, I want to share my thoughts - I could easily have done it after a few days, but I always like to test skincare products for at least 4 weeks, sometimes 8, depending on what the product is.

Gentle Buffing Gelée: As the name suggests, this is an exfoliating cleanser, so you could use it in the morning, but my personal preference is as a second cleanse in the evening, as I find that whatever products I use afterwards seem to perform better on freshly exfoliated skin. For those with very sensitive skin, please don't worry, because the exfoliating particles are so gentle. They are a mix of AHA (Citric Acid) and luffa particles, which encourage cell turnover, to reveal radiant skin. It has a very light citrus scent, but it isn't overpowering and you do wash the product off, so don't let that put you off if you aren't a fan of citrus scents. The texture is that of a light gel, with exfoliating grains/particles, and I love that t's in a tube, so I will be able to squeeze every last drop out. I remove all makeup with an oil or balm and then while my skin is still damp, I use a small amount of this gel and massage it into the skin, in circular motions, which produces a lather, which I then rinse thoroughly. My skin doesn't feel at all stripped or inflamed, from the exfoliation - just smooth and radiant, and the serums I apply afterwards absorb easily and I can layer oils and moisturiser too, without any pilling. It is gentle enough for daily use, but if you have ultra sensitive skin, you might prefer to use every second night. Personally, I can use it daily and I have reactive skin, but this is a gentle product, as the name suggests.

Queen Of Hungary Evening Mist*: Regular readers will know how much I adore the original Queen Of Hungary Mist and that I've used it for around six years now! Therefore, I was super excited to see that an evening version was released. What's the difference? There are a few. What remains the same is the ultra fine mist action - the finest that I have ever experienced in any facial spray. What is different, is that this is a final step product, rather than a pre-serum step. This mist contains coconut oil, which means that you really do need to shake the mist before spraying, to ensure that all ingredients are mixed. It also contains cannabidiol (rich in anti-oxidants, which repair and protect against free radicals), melatonin (which helps to repair the skin, while we sleep, working with the skin's natural Circadian rhythm), lavender extract (which helps the body to relax and unwind before going to bed), as well as a host of moisturising ingredients, including glycerin.squalene and the brand's Thermal Healing Concentrate™. Rather than keeping this in my skincare cabinet, I keep it on my bedside table and mist liberally just before I get into bed. It smells divine - I'm all about relaxing scents at night, it absorbs immediately and my skin is glowing before I go to sleep, but it also works to help repair my skin, which occurs at night. It really is he perfect final step.

Another two winning products from this gorgeous brand! I'd love to hear your thoughts?

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