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Wednesday 7 July 2021

L'Occitane Summer Verbena collection 2021


L'Occitane Summer Verbena collection 2021 Review
I was kindly sent all of these products, without any obligation to post.

Every summer, I look forward to the summer Verbena Collection from L'Occitane. I love the original scent, but when they put a twist on it, it's even better.  This year, there are four ranges: Mint, Citrus, Cactus and Classic Verbena. My mother first introduced me to this range way back in 2006 and I always associate it with summer, whether the weather plays ball or not! In an ideal world, I'd be taking these products on holiday, but for the second year in a row, the Verbena range is bringing summer holidays to me, without the need for any travel!

You will know from previous posts that I am a really big fan of L'Occitane, in general, because they're a brand that cares and is always giving back, fair pay for its suppliers, supporting sustainability and other environmental projects. With this in mind, Verbena, which was originally found in the South Of France, but then eventually died out, was cultivated and re-planted by the brand in Provence again - they brought it home! It is farmed organically, re-planted every year, with great attention to detail. It takes 1000 verbena leaves to create 1 litre of verbena floral water, so we can only imagine the work that goes into creating this range every year. I have a personal soft spot for the brand because my Granda used to grow it in his garden and he would give me some to put in my handbag, as a child. He was a landscape gardener and had a garden of around 3/4 acres at home, so I learned so much from him, and a lot of L'Occitane's ranges bring back a lot of happy memories for me, as the scents are so authentic.

Mint Verbena is a range that was previously released a few years ago, and has been brought back, due to demand, and is now part of the permanent line up, which I am personally delighted about, because it's so refreshing! I was kindly sent the hand cream, will has a gel-cream texture, which is super refreshing and particularly gorgeous on hot days as the texture is so cooling. It contains notes of grapefuit and lime, verbena and spearmint, with a base of wood and musk. It's refreshing, without being too sharp, and perfect for summer, so I will definitely be buying the shower gel in the line!

The next range is Citrus Verbena, which I believe was previously released too, and is one I truly love and I adore any citrus scents. I find that the combination is so invigorating and the perfect way to start your day. Verbena is already lemon scented, but this range adds grapefruit, orange and lemon essential oils. I was kindly sent the Granita scrub, which exfoliates the skin, without tearing it. It's ideal to use a few times weekly, to keep skin looking glowing and radiant (as well as smelling amazing), but I personally don't think it would be ideal for removing stubborn remnants of fake tan, for example. The exfoliating properties are due to sugar crystals and ground walnut shells, so they are gentle enough for  regular use. I love to scoop some into my hands and breathe the scent in, before applying to the body, for an instant hit of energy.

From the Classic Verbena line, I was kindly sent the Eau De Toilette, which is the product that most reminds me of my childhood, as it's pure verbena - lemon, refreshing, invigorating. I find that it lasts around 4/5 hours on me, although I can still smell it on my clothes afterwards. This was the original line that my mother introduced me to. I don't know how anybody could have a bad day while wearing this, as it is simply divine - fresh, uplifting and it would make any day better and feel like summer (yes, even the rainy ones!).

Finally, there is a new Cactus line, which is unusual, but makes sense as this is a summer range and cactus is hydrating. I was kindly sent the After Sun Care, which has a gel-cream texture - refreshing, cooling, hydrating, and (obviously), it smells amazing. Now, we just need some more sunny days, so I can feel like I am on a sun holiday when applying this! It would be perfect for dry, scaly skin as the texture is cooling, but it's also so hydrating.

There are other products in each line - shower gels, hand creams, body creams, hair mists and more. If you know somebody who has a birthday soon, or you just want to treat someone, I'd highly recommend anything from this range. Even the packaging would put a smile on a person's face, not to mention what's inside!

I look forward to this line every year and it s never a let down, but I really love that they've gone all out, with a number of variations this year. I'll definitely be purchasing more products. Has anything caught your eye? I'd love to hear!

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