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Tuesday 30 November 2021

What I loved in November.....


Thankfully, November was a less eventful month than October for my husband and I! We're still trying to process all that happened in October, so we decided that November was about doing things that made us happy, no matter how small. 

We went for brunch, which was really enjoyable, although I was quite nervous, as since Covid arrived on our shores, I've only left the house for hospital/GP visits, to get my hair done and to go to quiet beaches. I didn't know how I'd feel being around people, but we booked an early slot, and everyone wore their masks, apart from when eating and we were well spread out. The food was delicious and it felt good to do something normal again. We won't be doing it weekly, but occasionally will suit me just fine.

I don't have a lot of products to talk about this month, as they've either been in other posts, or will be in upcoming posts next month (which is tomorrow, can you believe?!). I am so excited to open my Advent Calendars and will do it on my stories (here). Keeping my fingers crossed for that £1k voucher!

Apart from brunch, we also ventured out to the cinema. We went to see No Time To Die: We actually went to see this twice! I was never interested in watching Bond films until Daniel Craig took over the role (my brothers used to watch them years ago, but I had zero interest!). Daniel Craig brought a bit of grit to the role, as well as the much needed charisma, but his films were definitely less cheesy. This one rounded off his time as Bond perfectly, with characters from previous films included, and the ending was fitting. I really don't want to give any spoilers, although I'm sure most Bond fans have already seen it, but even if you don't normally like the franchise, I'd still recommend this film. 

On tv, we enjoyed Atypical on Netflix, which is about a young man who has autism, and his family. It covers so many aspects of the condition and how it can affect daily life, yet not in a sombre way. The dynamic of the family works to support Sam (the main character) through the trials and tribulations of any teenager. His main focus in the first series is to get a girlfriend, which doesn't prove easy initially. It highlights the ignorance of people who should know better, but also the kindness  and understanding of others, who embrace his quirks and differences. It's more than just a show about Sam, as there are sub-stories running through it too, which involve the other family members and friends. There are four series, it's a very easy watch, and we both agreed that the ending was perfect.

We also watched The Starling on Netflix, which is a film about grief after the loss of a child, and how two parents can cope in completely different ways, yet still be a unit. It shows the strength of women in the worst of circumstances, and I like how it juxtaposed the typically portrayed roles of the mother and father after the loss of a child. Usually, films will show the father as being the strong one, who holds it together, but that's not the case in this film. The father is in a facility, trying to deal with his depression. Despite sounding dark, there are actually some very funny moments in the film, and also some very heart-warming moments. Again, I think it's well worth a watch, as long as it wouldn't be triggering, if you have been through something similar.

We ended the month by decorating the house for Christmas and it just feels so cosy and festive. All of the shopping is done, apart from a few vouchers (still waiting for some gifts to arrive), wrapped and under the tree. I'm feeling very organised and hoping for a relaxing December, and more importantly, a healthy one.

Tell me what you loved in November? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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