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Wednesday 22 May 2019

Angel Eau Croisière - a summer cocktail in a bottle!

Angel Eau Croisière Review

I seem to be doing a lot of fragrance reviews recently but what can I say? I love perfume! This is the time of year when summer variations on scents are released and that's the case with today's fragrance: Angel Eau Croisière. This is a limited edition release and if you like sweet, fruity fragrances, you will love this one!

Housed in the iconic star-shaped Angel bottle but with an ombré effect on the glass transforming from yellow to orange to red/pink, similar to a sunset.  The scent is designed to be reminiscent of a long summer drink that is fruity, energising and refreshing and they have captured exactly that in a bottle.  When I first sprayed this, my husband told me that I smelt like a sweet mango cocktail - completed unprompted! It made him think of summers spent in Trinidad eating sweet, ripe mangos.

Notes of grapefruit, mango, blackcurrant sorbet are combined with patchouli and praline. It's sweet but perhaps not as sickly sweet as the original because the grapefruit manages to add a fresh twist.  I personally prefer it to the original Angel fragrance as it isn't as heavy. Obviously, it makes me think of summer holidays and anything that makes me think of summer or Christmas, will always be a winner as they are always scents that will evoke happiness.

The scent is very tropical so you will feel as though you are sipping on a fruity cocktail in the Caribbean even if you are just sitting in your back garden having a juice! It's very feminine without being overly girly. I think that women of all ages will love this perfume - as long as fruity/sweet scents are their thing, of course!

Although it's an Eau De Toilette rather than an Eau De Parfum, I find that it lasts surprisingly well on my skin. I can still smell it at around the 5 hour mark, which is pretty impressive for an EDT. 

This is limited edition so if you think it sounds like your kind of fragrance, don't hang around! Order today! It's priced at £48 in Debenhams UK€55 in Debenhams and currently on offer for £40.80 on Escentual.

Does this sound like your kind of scent? I'd love to hear!

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