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Monday 11 January 2021

My six favourite products from the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar......


My six favourite products from the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2020

Happy New Year! Is it too late to still say that? I don't think so, especially as this is my first post of the year! Let's hope that 2021 is a much better year for us all! Also, I just wanted to add that Lockdown 3.0 is not a bad thing - it's to protect us all and has to be done because, unfortunately some people just ignored the rules and the virus, forgetting that the virus loves people and gatherings, so of course the end result would be skyrocketing numbers. We need this lockdown to try to get it under control. You do not want Covid - believe me! I would take 50 lockdowns over Covid - that's how bad it is, so look at this third one as hopefully the last and try to do something positive, or watch something that makes you laugh, every day.

If you watched my Instastories in December, you will have seen me opening the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar every morning. It really was the highlight of my day and, by far, the best advent calendar that I've ever had. I know that it's expensive, but the RRP is so much higher than the actual price and I genuinely wasn't at all disappointed by anything in the calendar. I'd recommend putting some money in an envelope (if you're old-fashioned like I am), or a Revolut pot, each week, to save for it if you think that it's too much of an expense in one go. I promise you that it's totally worth it. I also hope that there will be more released this year, as it sold out so quickly last year! You can actually sign up for the waitlist for this year already here!

I love that there are 25 doors, so even on Christmas Day, you get a treat (five products actually!) and I also love that the box is reusable - I'm thinking I'll fill it for my Mam this year.

Anyway, on to the point of today's post - my six favourite products from the calendar. I honestly wasn't disappointed by anything, but I've narrowed it down to my absolute favourites - the ones I'll use every drop of and go on to repurchase. Let's get started....

Jo Loves Fig Tree Votive Candle: It's no secret that I adore Jo Loves, so I was delighted to find this candle in the calendar - I could smell it before I could see it! This is my third candle from the brand (I had the Christmas Tree one, which I burned throughout December), and I adore the fresh Fig scent. I think I'll be tempted to buy the full size when I finish this as fig is such a fresh scent, which will be perfect for Spring. What I love about these candles is that they give off a good scent, without being overwhelming, and I can smell them even before they're lit, plus they also burn evenly. Perfect! 

Susanne Kauffman Pillow Spray Calming: I've actually finished this already and am on the waitlist for when it comes back into stock! I've used pillow sprays for around 6/7 years and I have a few favourite brands, but this went straight into the top three from my first night of use.  It isn't too potent, yet the scent is definitely detectable and it instantly relaxes me. It combines lavender with orange and lime oil, to create a scent that instantly makes you switch off and drift off. I sprayed it on my pillow and duvet, but also in the air in the room, just because I loved it so much! It's a while since I've been so taken by a pillow mist and it helped me to sleep like a log.

Votary Super Seed Facial Oil: I was super excited to find this oil in the calendar because this is a brand that I have wanted to try for ages, and this oil, in particular. I think this may have been in Day 1, so it was off to a great start! These oils are hand blended, in small batches, and it contains a whopping 22 different super seed oils. I use around 6 drops (the bottle will last for a long time!), and pat the oil into the skin, before massaging with a Gua Sha Facial Tool, to help firm and lift the skin. I find that using this oil after an exfoliating mask is just a dream! *chef's kiss!

Costa Brazil Óleo Para O Corpo - Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil: I love a good body oil, especially after a bath in the evening - I just find that my skin feels more supple when I use oils regularly and firming oils are particularly good for the thighs, tummy and bum area. This oil contains a blend of cacay, kaya and breu - all hailing from Brazil, with a range of other seed oils, to deliver a powerful dose of nourishment to the skin, yet it doesn't feel greasy. It definitely seems to increase the elasticity in the skin. A little goes a long way and it's the perfect product to use after using a body exfoliant, to replenish the skin.

Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Bath & Shower Gel Another brand that it's no secret that I am a huge fan of! I adore how the shower gels fill the bathroom with beautiful scent. I also love that the shower gel lathers well, yet doesn't strip my skin at all. What I love most, is the combination of scents that the brand creates and this one works so well - sweet rose, balanced with the tart scent of rhubarb, which is a fresh combination. A little goes a long way with these shower gels.

Huda Beauty Topaz Obsessions Palette: I'm a big fan of Huda Beauty, in general (Brand Focus post here), but especially her eyeshadows. These mini palettes are a brilliant way to try her shadows, without spending too much, but there's no compromise on quality. I'd had my eye on this particular palette for a while, so I was delighted to find it (alongside four other products) on Christmas Day! I was already wearing her Gold Obsessions Palette - swatches here, when I opened it, but these warm tones are right up my street. Not many advent calendars have full size palettes in them, but Cult Beauty sure knows how to do Day 25 right!!

Did you buy an Advent Calendar last December? If so, would you be tempted to buy the same one again, or have I convinced you to go for this year's Cult Beauty one? I actually miss opening it each day - I think we should have a lockdown calendar! That would be fun and make lockdown easier!

I'd love to hear your thoughts....

Thanks for reading!

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