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Sunday 17 January 2021

Having a crap day? How to change it!


Having a crap day? How to change it!

There's no doubting that no matter how positive a person you are, there were days in 2020 that were just crap and difficult to keep the chin up (and this year, whilst we have more hope with the vaccine, it will be a while before life is in any way 'normal' again). Not really being able to make plans and losing control of your life is not easy for anyone. Couple that with financial worries, health worries and not being able to see people, let alone hug them, is just not easy - it doesn't come naturally to us as human beings. The one thing that we can control in the midst of all of this, is our attitude, so today I want share some ideas, which can change and improve our days.

We can decide to have a good day, to do little things that will make our day better - whether it be having a duvet day, watching films - there's no need to feel guilty about having a day, where you don't do anything particularly productive. Not every day has to be one where you tick a lot of things off your list! Sometimes, a day of just doing exactly what you want to do, will actually lead to a much more productive day the next day. Downtime is not a bad thing!

Conversely, starting your day with a to-do list, can make you feel really great - motivated and productive, even if they are just small tasks! I generally try to do a daily list, but over the last year, particularly when I've been really ill, I've just skipped them, without guilt because my main aim was to make it through the day, so again, I would say that if having a to-do list makes you feel under pressure, and it's not for you, don't feel bad about that. I think we are constantly bombarded with the fact that we should be constantly setting goals, manifesting, and ticking boxes, and whilst that suits some people, for others, it's just not for them and if it makes you unhappy or under unnecessary pressure, just don't do it.

Watch a David Attenborough show - his voice is so calming, he is so intelligent and I just feel in a state of total relaxation when I watch his shows.

Baking is something that makes me happy - I find it almost therapeutic, even if I don't eat a lot of what I bake - anything with dried fruit isn't for me, so whilst I do all of the Christmas baking for my family, I don't eat any of it, but I enjoy the ritual of it. That said, I love to bake cupcakes and am already planning on baking a rainbow cake with my nieces and nephews when life is safe again.

I find what really makes me feel good is to watch something that will make me laugh out loud and I try to do that daily. Also, music - it is just so good for the soul! I love listening to such a variety of music - songs that will bring me back to my teenage years, then my uni days, music from around the time I met my husband, from girls' holidays, to the music we chose for our wedding - the church, during the meal and our first dance. 

Have a comfort meal - for me, it's either a cheese toastie, macaroni cheese or a curry! Not every day, but on your crappy days, you get a free pass on what you eat in my opinion!

If you can, get out for some fresh air, even if it's only in your garden or local park. I'm too ill to exercise at the moment (still recovering from double pneumonia), but if you are able, ( even if you're a newbie), start walking daily and try to go a little bit further every day because it will make you feel so good. If you don't have an area near you that feels safe, with regards social distancing, then why not give some of the fitness videos on YouTube a go? 

If you're awake at night, possibly worrying about the future, open your window and look out at the stars - they make you realise that the world is so much bigger than us, and that the world will keep turning, no matter what is going on. If you can, catch a sunrise - on crisp, cold winter days, it can be so beautiful.

Phone one of your best friends or favourite family members, and have a good catch up, putting the world to rights!

Be grateful - there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, just some days, you need to look a little bit harder to find that something, but it's there - I promise you.

Fake tan! I know we're in the depths of winter, but I just love a good tan because I think it makes me look healthier!

Finally, for me, it's always a good pamper session - a DIY facial, or maybe just lighting a candle and having a bath where I try to just empty my mind and inhale any aromatherapy oils I've used. Sometimes, a head to toe pamper is nice, other times, a bath is just as good and much less effort!

Just remember, that the one thing you can control is your attitude - if you want to have a down day, that's fine, but try to limit it to one and then get back to being positive and grateful for what and who, you do have in your life. There is hope, the vaccines are being rolled out, we WILL eventually get back to a normal way of life, and for the love of God, WEAR A MASK!!!

I'd love to hear what helps you get through a bad day?

Thanks for reading!

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