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Sunday 17 October 2021

Some new additions to the Ecooking line up that you need to know about!


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All of these products were kindly sent to me, without obligation.

*Please note that this is pre-written and scheduled content,  before I knew what would happen family-wise in the past 2 weeks*

One of my favourite brand discoveries over the past few years, has been Eccoking, which is a Danish brand, founded in the kitchen of Tina Søgaard, who decided to make her own range of products when she couldn't find any products that were working for her skin. I'm lucky enough to have been sent several products, but I have also repeatedly repurchased several products also. When they released more products, back in August, I was lucky enough to be sent most of them to try and am ready to share my thoughts today. In the photo above, I had just received them - they look a little more used now!

Essence Lotion: This was the product that I couldn't wait to get on my face, because I was very ill when it arrived, and my skin was parched, from head to toe! I love a good essence, because it can make a huge difference in terms of hydration...... if it's a good one, which this one is. Because it's so lightweight in texture, it's difficult to believe that it will actually do anything for your skin, but it does! It's packed with hyaluronic acid (for attracting moisture into the skin), caffeine (which boosts collagen production, leading to plump and younger looking skin - less fine lines, even if only temporarily) and Bifida ferment (which also boosts collagen production, but also protects against environmental damage).  It also contains aloe vera and cucumber extract, both of which soothe the skin. After cleansing, I pat a few drops of this into my skin, and instantly feel my skin relax, with its thirst quenched, and just more comfortable overall. I wait a few minutes, for it to absorb, before proceeding with the rest of my skincare routine. Prior to this, I used more expensive essences, but this product shows that isn't necessary and also that a little goes a long way.

Heat Protection: I ALWAYS use heat protection in my hair, as it's frizzy by nature and could be easily damaged if I didn't. This product doesn't just protect against the effect of heat, but also against UV rays (to protect your hair colour). It leaves hair more elasticized, which in turn, means that there is less chance of it snapping or leading to split ends. It uses all natural ingredients - aloe vera,  trehalose,  red algae and a combination of beetroot extract and corn starch. All of these combine to add moisture to the hair, yet it doesn't feel heavy or sticky, which is something I dislike about some heat protectors. I spray throughout my hair (mainly on the lengths), before using any heat, and it leaves my hair feeling bouncy and elasticized. If I decide to change my style from straight to wavy, the next day, I can also use it on dry hair, in order to do so. A little goes a long way and it smells fresh, so it's another thumbs up for me!

Hair Oil: I'm a big fan of hair oils, but also quite fussy when it comes to them. I don't like anything too heavy, yet I do like to know that it will add moisture and tame flyaways. I also like oils that can be used on both wet and dry hair, as sometimes my hair needs an injection of moisture, but sometimes, it just need the frizz to be tamed. This oil is lightweight (my preference as I have fine hair, but a lot of it, yet I don't need to use very much of it). It contains a blend of argan, shea and coconut oils, with squalane and Co Q10, so it smells utterly divine, adds elasticity and shine to my hair, but the most important aspect is that it doesn't weigh it down. I like the smoothing effect that it has, and if I use it before drying my hair, it leaves my hair soft and swishy. Again, a little goes a long way, so this small bottle will last a loooooooong time!

Summer Glow Lotion: Finally,  we have this shimmering body lotion. I wouldn't necessarily say that it adds a lot of coverage, however it does even out skin tone, as well as adding some shimmer (but not a disco ball effect), so it's ideal for the collar bone, or shins, if they are on display. I know that it's marketed as a summer lotion, however, I can see this being used for Christmas parties, or nights out, when you want your skin to glow. It also makes skin look smoother, and hydrates, as it contains hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. The only negative is, that it does transfer on to clothes, which isn't so bad if you're wearing black, but not so great if you're wearing white - just something to bear in mind. 

Overall,  these new releases are a hit with me, which doesn't surprise me, as I love this brand so much! Are you a fan of Ecooking? I'd love to hear!

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