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Wednesday 6 October 2021

The best solution based products......

The best solution based products


I can't say that I only have one skin issue, because I'd be lying! I have several, but by keeping on top of my skincare routine, you may not notice them, but consistency is key for me. If I'm inconsistent, it shows in my skin, even more so as we age (sorry to tell all you people in your early 20s). I personally am not interested in going down the botox or fillers route - but each to their own, and never say never. Instead, I depend on effective products to keep my skin looking its best and I'm going to share some of them with you today.

Blackheads: I have two products to keep on top of this issue. The first is Summer Fridays Soft Reset Exfoliating Solution, which can be used daily on areas of congestion. It not only helps to keep on top of blackheads, to stop them forming, but it will also leave you with the softest skin you can imagine! The second product is a product I have consistently repurchased since 2016 - Omorovicza Ultramoor Mood Mask, which deeply cleanses the skin, leaving skin looking translucent, but also lifted, firm and radiant. I call it Spanx for the face! You can save 15% on Omorovicza products by using the code SIOBHAN at checkout.

Inflammation: Caudalie Grape Water is inexpensive and instantly soothes and cools the skin. It is made from 100% organic grape water. The mist action is very fine, and because it's so inexpensive, I spray it liberally and repeatedly when my skin is going through a bad period of inflammation. The other product I depend on is at the opposite end of the price scale (and I forgot to include in the photo) is Zelens Power D, which instantly soothes, repairs, protects and replenishes the skin and is an all round winner in my books! Use LYMIN to save 20% on Look Fantastic. Omoressence from Omorovicza is another must have for me, because as soon as I pat a few drops into my skin, any burning feeling disappears, my skin is instantly more comfortable, less red and hydrated. Don't forget that you can save 15% on Omorovicza products by using the code SIOBHAN at the checkout.

Blemishes: Omorovicza Midnight Radiant Mask contains Salicylic Acid, which is oil soluble, and can deeply penetrate the pores, in order to get rid of blemish-forming sebum and clear the pores. I find that I am guaranteed a good skin day, the morning after using this. I used to worry about Salicylic Acid being too harsh for my dry skin, but this mask contains ingredients which balance it out. I wake to radiant, translucent, pore refined and clearer skin. Don't forget that you can save 15% on Omorovicza products by using the code SIOBHAN at the checkout.

Dark Circles: Fortunately, I don't suffer too badly with dar circles (apart from my recent/current bout of illness, where they were purple and red!), but if I do, I reach for Erborian CC Eye cream, as it moisturises and smooths the under eye area, as well as adding some coverage, to brighten the under eye area - a true 2 in 1 product! Save 10% with my Unique10 code on Feel Unique.

Hyperpigmentation: I just have one product to recommend here and it's very affordable, as it's from The Inkey List - its Alpha Arbutin Serum, which I've used since July, as I have a stubborn patch of pigmentation on my cheek, which gets worse in summer. This serum has worked wonders for that patch  -it's pretty much unnoticeable now, which is brilliant. My friend Anne from Doctor Anne, has a full review on it here. It will be a definite repurchase for me!

Cellulite: There isn't just one product that will eliminate cellulite, however body brushing and Legology Cellu-Lite* really do help its appearance. Body brushing increases blood flow, helps with lymphatic drainage and leads to softer skin. Combined with the oil, skin feels less 'spongy', more supple and drained, leading to an overall reduction in the appearance of cellulite - consistency is key! I would also highly recommend their Air-Lite Daily Lift for legs, which is a cream that literally makes your legs feel as light as air, and as though you've lost a few inches. Again, don't forget that using my LYMIN code will save you 20% on Look Fantastic. Next of my list to buy is the new Peach-Lite Super Lift for the Derriere - given how much I love the other products, I'm bound to love this product too! 

Textured Skin: This is my main issue, so I have an arsenal of products, but the top ones being Drunk Elephant A-Passioni - I know it's a controversial brand but I don't care, because this retinol does wonders for my skin (full review here). I am also a massive fan of Sunday Riley Good Genes, because I can almost feel it eating away at my dead skin cels and I always wake to brighter skin, although I sometimes use it during my morning routine (with plenty of SPF afterwards!). My third product is Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Peel, which one of the Cult Beauty girls recommended to me, and I have no regrets about buying it. It's ideal for sensitive skin, yet still very effective. It exfoliates using fruit acids - apple, papaya and kiwi, which aren't abrasive, but are effective. In order to balance this exfoliating action, it contains aloe vera, which is cooling and soothing. Skin is left super soft and with refined pores - a fantastic product that won't leave your skin inflamed.

What's your biggest bugbear when it comes to your skin? And what is your favourite product to deal with it? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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