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Wednesday 18 September 2019

The best beauty products to use when prepping for a special occasion

The best beauty products to use when prepping for a special occasion, Dr Dennis Gross Professional Grade Resurfacing Liquid Peel, Omorovicza Midnight Radiance, Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant, Ameliorate Transforming Body Cream

When there is an upcoming special occasion, it's natural to want to look and feel your best. It can be a wedding, family party, holiday or maybe even just date night but sometimes you just want to make an extra effort with your routine. I don't know about you but, for me, when I look good, I feel better in myself. Everyone has different things that they feel require a little bit of extra effort and attention - for me, I want my skin to glow and I know that if I'm wearing a strapless or sleeveless top, I want my arms to be smooth and soft. Today, I want to share some brilliant products that will help to clarify, plump and make the skin glow as well as some others I use on my body and lips. This is not about looking perfect, it's more about looking the best you can. It's never about looking the best in the room because comparing yourself to others is a waste of energy, I just like to focus on looking my best so that I feel good.

Because I'm ill and have naturally dry (and therefore, dull) skin, my main focus will always be on trying to achieve glowing skin. Of course, it can be faked with makeup but I like to try to achieve it naturally and I love the pampering process too. Obviously, not all of these products are necessary but there should be something here to address all issues.

Dull skin:

Oskia Renaissance Mask: I've been repurchasing this mask for over four years at this stage so it's an absolute staple in my collection. It really is a 'do it all' mask because it smooths, hydrates, renews and brightens my skin. It uses fruit acids and lactic acid to gently, yet effectively, exfoliate the skin in only 15 minutes. When removed, my skin always looks bright and radiant and feels smooth. This is a perfect quick fix product before a night out or any special occasion.


Dr Dennis Gross Professional Grade Resurfacing Liquid Peel*: Be still my beating heart! This is an amazing product/duo! Regular readers will have heard me wax lyrical about the Alpha Beta Extra Strength Pads on several occasions but these are the next step up from those. This duo is a pharmacy grade peel, which contains a blend of acids to exfoliate and revive the skin. Step one contains a blend of lactic, glycolic, citric, malic, phytic, mandelic and salicylic acids, to name a few, combined with bromelain to resurface the skin. These are contain in bottle one, which is used with a cotton wool ball (provided) with the perfect amount dispensed in two 3-second turns. I then swipe this all over my face with some extra focus on areas that are most textured and used until the cotton wool is dry. I then wait two minutes before proceeding with Step two, which contains colloidal oatmeal, green tea extract and centella asiatica. This step balances the skin by soothing and calming it. This can be used either in the morning or evening up to three times weekly. I prefer to use it at night and I absolutely love the results it gives - skin is smooth, soft and glowing with refines pores and almost looks like it has been filtered. Blackheads are eliminated and under the skin bumps disappear. This is honestly a miracle worker and is an ideal product to use before a special event. I have sensitive skin but have not experienced any adverse reactions with this duo. 

Image Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque*: This mask combines chemical and physical exfoliants, but it isn't harsh and won't strip your skin. Applied after cleansing, it can be left on the skin for up to 30 minutes (a minimum of 5), but I generally leave it for around 20 minutes then I massage the residue into my skin before rinsing, This mask always leaves skin feeling really smooth and soft with refined pores. Regular use will rid the skin of those annoying under the skin bumps.


Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask: Regular readers will know that I describe this mask as Spanx for the face! This mud mask deeply cleanses the skin, drawing out impurities, but unlike other mud or clay masks, it also firms the skin. It contains hungarian moor mud and clay, which detoxify and draw out impurities, Marine exopolysaccharides derived from plankton, which plumps the skin, essential oils of sage, rose geranium, chamomile and rosemary and Omorovicza's patented Healing Concentrate, which cool and soothe the skin.  My skin always looks clear, bright and tight after using this mask. I wouldn't use a mask like this the night before a special event as it will bring out impurities but it's ideal to use a week or 5 days before so that you can treat any spots that appear.

Sagging skin:

Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque*: A mask that I have been repurchasing for around 14/15 years! This mask contains Vitamins A, B5, C, E and F as well as Beta Glucan and Algae Extract. After leaving on the skin for around 10/15 minutes, I remove it to reveal plump, bouncy, bright and calm skin. This mask always makes my skin look rested and around 5 years younger!

Révive Masque De Volume:  This is a recent addition to my skincare routine but I am loving the plumping results. It has a gel-cream texture and is packed with humectants, such as glycerin, butylene glycol and hyaluronic acid. The instructions says to apply it at night, leave for 10 minutes and wipe off any excess and follow with serum and moisturiser but I don't find that there is any excess to remove. I always wake to plump, lifted and firm skin. Even if I haven't slept well, I will look as though I have when I use this mask. This is perfect for the night before a special event, especially if it's one that you're nervous about that might cause you to have a restless night. 

Lips: I use lip balm daily but if I know I will be wearing a liquid lipstick or any type of lip product in a statement colour, I want my lips to look their best so I prep them!

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish*: This contains brown sugar crystals to lift away dead skin cells while shea butter and jojoba oil nourish the lips. I use this twice weekly as part of my skincare routine. I apply some onto my lips, massage in and then remove with a damp face cloth. I follow it with  Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy* , which hydrates, soothes and plumps the lips. This is an extra booster in addition to my daily lip balm and I always notice how lipstick applies more evenly when I use this duo.

Bodycare: If I'm going to be exposing my limbs, I like them to be smooth and soft as I like to wear fake tan and it always applies more evenly and looks more natural, when skin is well exfoliated. 

Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant*: I've raved about this on the blog several times previously because it is brilliant for getting rid of bumpy skin (especially on the back of arms) and just helping to smooth the skin. It contains a chemical exfoliator (in the form of lactic acid) but also physical exfoliator to really unclog pores, get rid of dead skin cells and help to renew the skin. Unlike most body scrubs, this is used on dry skin. I massage it into my skin, paying particular attention to stubborn areas, such as the backs of my arms, elbows, knees and ankles then I leave it for a few minutes before showering to rinse. With regular use, skin is soft and smooth and chicken skin is a vague, distant memory! 

Ameliorate Transforming Body Cream*:  I apply body moisturiser daily - I know some people think that it's too time consuming but my skin is s dry that I would have full body dandruff if I didn't! This is especially important when I know that my arms or legs will be out. I usually use a body lotion but in the colder months, I'll use a cream and this is a great option to use in conjunction with the body exfoliant as it also contains lactic acid but it also contains shea butter, cocoa butter and squalane to ensure that skin is nourished.  Polished and nourished skin always looks brighter so this duo is perfect for when I want my skin to look its best. As it's a cream, it takes a little longer to absorb than a lotion would so I tend to use this at night when I have a little more time. I know that I can depend on this duo to have my skin looking its best.

Have you used any of these products? I'd love to hear what your go-to products are for special occasions?

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Thanks for reading! 

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