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Saturday 1 May 2021

Spring Lips and Tips...

Spring Lip and Nail Colours 2021
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I know that for a lot of people, when the easing of restrictions was announced, a nail appointment was the first thing they booked, but I've never had gel/acrylic/whatever other type there is, nails - I've always just painted them myself (apart from our wedding and just after we got engaged - but even then, it was just ordinary nail polish), so whilst I am reeeeeeally looking forward to getting my hair done, I'm happy with my home mani/pedis and today, I'm sharing my favourite polishes for Spring/Summer. I'm also sharing my go-to ip products, which are mainly balmy, as mask-wearing will be a thing (for me) for years to come, as I am extremely nervous when out in public. Those of you who are in countries that have opened up - were you anxious initially and do you still feel that way, or has the anxiety eased?

Spring Lip and Nail Colours 2021

Spring Lip and Nail Colours 2021

Lips:  Because we're wearing masks whenever we're out & about, I'm not wearing any of my glosses, preferring balmy products instead as they don't stick to my mask, and are also nourishing my lips, and if I do happen to take my mask off (in a remote area of the beach, or to have an ice-cream in the car), I have a hint of colour on my lips. Here's what's on rotation at the moment:

Patchology Lip Service*:  This is a divine lip balm, which contains aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and honey, which makes it very nourishing and comfortable to wear.. It has a slightly glossy finish, but it isn't sticky, so I don't need to worry about my mask sticking to my face! It also contains Vitamin B3, which encourages cell turnover - a real bonus at this time of year, when lips can be dry.

Pat McGrath Donatella: LuxeTrance Lipstick: A beautiful nude lipstick, that is nourishing and feels balmy and comfortable on the lips, as well as a hint of colour that lasts for around 4 hours and can be easily topped up.

BECCA Ultimate Lipstick Love in the shade Tulip: A recent discovery and a new love, which is a shame given that the brand is closing in September. Again, this feels very comfortable on the lips, and this particular shade doesn't look like a pinky nude, however, it's the perfect match to my lip colour. It's balmy but not sticky. Save 20% with the code LYMIN.

Pat McGrath Passion Flower Lip Fetish Sheer Colour Balm: I adore these lip balms, which add some colour, without being full on. This is primarily a balm, so don't expect it to give the same type of colour as a lipstick, however it's perfect for no, or minimal, makeup days.

Fenty Sheer Shiny Lipstick Makeout Break: These balmy lipsticks aren't sticky, give a natural wash of colour, and are easy to top up. I think most people are going for a more natural makeup look these days,  and these are the perfect lipsticks to wear, as they look like you've made some effort, yet nothing too major.

Glow Recipe Lip Pop in Blueberry Bounce*: This is available in two shades/flavours - blueberry and watermelon. These are 3-in-1 products, that exfoliate (gently), hydrate and add some colour. The colour is just a tint, but again, it's perfect for everyday wear, and for under masks, as it isn't sticky.

Spring Lip and Nail Colours 2021

Tips:  I have six nail polishes, all from Essie, which I just adore because I find that the formula is non-streaky and the wide brush makes application easy. I generally use two coats and always use a base and top coat. I will sometimes mix the shades that I wear, other times, I just use one colour - it really just depends on my mood (and the weather!). Here are my favourites:

Blanc  When I'm (fake) tanned, I just love a fresh white, especially if my nails are on the short-side. Usually my nails are pretty long, but over the past year, I've noticed that they have become weaker, and therefore, I have been keeping them quite short, so that they look neat. 

Fiji: A classic pinky-white, which I just adore. I honestly don't know how many bottles of this I have used. This is what I use when I don't know what clothes I'll be wearing that week, as a pale nail colour will go with everything and it works for me, as I'm not crazy about nude nails (on me), as I think they wash my skin out.

Lovie Dovie: I have used countless bottles of this and it is one of my favourite nail colours ever. I thought that it was being discontinued recently, so I bought seven bottles (I don't think that it is actually being discontinued now, but at least I know I won't have to buy it for a while!). It's not a Barbie pink, more of a mid-pink shade. I wear a lot of white, pink and purple clothes in Spring and Summer, so it works for me.

Splash of Grenadine: This is a pinky-purple hybrid, which is really beautiful as it suits my skin tone and brings out the warmth in it. I like to wear this with Lovie Dovie on alternate nails, as they work so well together.

Lilacism: Lilac Blossom is one of my favourite flowers and scents ever, so it stands to reason that I'm going to wear this classic Spring shade on my nails.  For clothes, it has to be the right shade of lilac, to ensure that my skin isn't washed out, but I've added a few nice pieces to my wardrobe over the past few months, and this polish is the finishing touch.

Play Date: This is the truest purple shade that I have for this time of year. It's warm, without looking too suited to Autumn/Winter, and works best with white or black clothes, as a nice contrast. It also looks great, when alternated with the previous two shades, if I want to mix things up and know I'll be wearing a variety of clothes colours that week (or, in all honesty, pyjamas! No matter how ill I am, I will always have my nails done and wear perfume!).

Do you wear any of these lip products or nail polishes? What are your go-to Spring colours? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for reading!

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