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Sunday 30 May 2021

What I loved in May....

I'm a cliché, I know, but I can't believe that it's the end of May - this year really is flying by! Here in Ireland, some restrictions lifted  and we've been able to travel inter-county, shops have re-opened (on a phased basis), and next month, there will be more easing of restrictions. It's all happening quite slowly, but that's a good thing, as last year, it happened too quickly and we ended back at square one. I am personally still acutely aware of how debilitating and scary is Covid is, as the mother of one of my friends died this month, after contracting it for a second time, 15 people in my husband's office caught it over a 2 week period (and some of their families) and I'm personally still ill - I just can't seem to shake the after-effects, all this time later, but I am hoping that when I get the vaccine, things will improve.

As always, there are positives every month, and I'm going to talk you through what I've loved in May. Again, it's not really focused on products, which is why I don't call these posts favourites - it's been experiences, rather than 'things', and some great TV thrown in for some good measure, because the weather really hasn't been great here, so we've had plenty of time to watch TV!

Lilac Blossom: I absolutely love the scent of lilac blossom, so much so, that when my husband & I first got engaged, I was leaning towards a May date, so that we could fill the church with lilac blossom and peonies. However, that year, May was a washout, so I changed my mind. I just love the fresh scent and it brings back so many happy memories I have of my Granda's garden, as he grew three types - a deep purple, a white and a traditional lilac. I also love that rhododendrons bloom at this time of year, as they are so beautifully majestic and remind me of Mount Usher Gardens in Co. Wicklow - also known as the garden of Ireland! Nature at it's finest, and I guess we have all of the rain to thank for how beautifully green and lush this country is!

Going to the beach every weekend: We're lucky to live around 30 minutes from a few beaches and around 45-50 minutes (depending on traffic) from some quieter (and nicer) ones. I absolutely love getting the sea air into my lungs, so we've been going every weekend (not to sunbathe!) and we sleep so soundly afterwards. Our aim is to move to the coast, so we're enjoying exploring the areas/villages near the beaches and hopefully, we'll find our dream home. It's not something that needs to happen as.a.p.,. but when the right house comes along, at what is hopefully the right time, that's our plan. In the meantime, we're enjoying the day trips..... and a 99 is a must (even though I'm lactose intolerant!). I don't know if 99s are a worldwide thing, but if not, it's a soft whipped ice-cream cone with a chocolate flake in it. I like a classic - no sprinkles or sauce, but my nieces are nephews seem to want every topping the shops have!!

Veja trainers: I bought another pair of Vejas, because I find them so comfortable. This time, I went for a velcro strap version, instead of laced - maybe out of laziness, maybe for a change - who knows! They are super comfortable and I've seen some people talk about needing time to break them in, but I haven't found that at all, and neither has my husband.


Penguin Bloom (Netflix): This film is based on a true story (if you're a regular reader, you'll know that my husband & I love films based on true life events!), of an Australian woman and the family were always outdoors and led very active lives and on holiday, she had an accident, where she leant on a balcony, which gave way and she fell several stories. She ended up in a wheelchair, which obviously changed their lives. The family's surname was Bloom and the penguin part of the name came from a magpie that one of her boys rescued, and named Penguin. The film follows the natural emotions and problems that Sam (the lady who broke her back) went through, and also how the whole family reacted in their own way. She was an avid surfer and really missed being in the water, so her husband Cameron finds a kayaking instructor who shows her that she can still be in the water, and feel part of it and that joy in her life again, however Sam is reluctant. I won't spoil it, but overall, it's a heart-warming film and well worth a watch. Plus there are photos at the very end of the real family, so keep watching through the titles.

Line Of Duty (BBC): So know that series 6 has divided a lot of people, but we really enjoyed it and binge watched the entire season on Bank Holiday Monday (while it rained all day!). I love that there are so many Irish-isms in a British show - banjaxed, Mother of God!, Jesus, Mary & Joseph and the wee donkey! If you've never seen this show, it's about a police department that investigates corrupt police, with many surprising consequences. It hasn't been confirmed that this was the final series, although it does seem like they have finished that storyline. Maybe there will be another series, as there will always be corrupt police and Ted Hastings has rescinded the letter of resignation that was forced upon him. If you like thrillers or police dramas, you will love this.

Your Honor (Sky): Finally, this had us on the edge of our seats from the first episode. Again, I don't want to spoil anything, but the teenage son of a judge is driving in a distressed state (having an asthma attack), trying to reach for his inhaler, which has fallen off the passenger seat, and as he reaches for it, taking his eye off the road, he knocks down a motor cyclist. He tries to give the motor cyclist mouth to mouth, but it is just too late, as his injuries are. catastrophic. He dials 911, but then gets into his car and drives home. When he tells his father what happened, his father decides that they need to go to the police, as there is a case for him, based on the fact that he was having an asthma attack and it was his mother's anniversary, so he was distracted and distressed; what he doesn't realise until later, is that the motorcyclist is the son of one of the most dangerous mafia leaders in the city. That's all I will say, but it's quite stressful/edge of your seat stuff!

Being able to have treatments done again! I missed my hairdresser more than some of my family - no joke! In Ireland, from May 10th, hair & beauty salons re-opened for the first time since Christmas Eve, so treatments were loooooooong overdue! I had my hair done first - balayage and a good cut of around 1.5 inches (I thought it would need more, but she said it was obvious that I'd been taking care of my hair and it just needed the dead ends cut off), then a few days later, I had my waxing done, and I felt like a new woman. I don't get my nails done, the only other treatment is lash extensions, but I'm happy with my lashes at the moment, due to the serum I'm using, so I'll leave that for a while.

So, that's everything I've loved in May - how about you? How are things in your part of the world?

Thanks for reading!

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