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Wednesday 12 May 2021

PIXI Remedy Masks Review


PIXI Remedy Masks Review
The Vitamin C Mask was kindly gifted to me, but I bought the other two.

Pixi is one of my favourite mid-budget brands when it comes to skincare, so when I saw that they were releasing a new line of masks, I was very excited! I was lucky enough to be sent the Vitamin C one as part of a pamper parcel from Cult Beauty, but I love the Milky and Rose ranges too, so I. had to buy the other two. I've been using them for around two months now and I'm ready to share my thoughts with you.

Milky Remedy Mask: I reviewed the rest of the Pixi Milky Range here, and liked quite a few of the products. This mask is described as a Soothing, Toning Jelly (they all have a jelly texture), and there is a spoon on the side of each pot to use to apply a generous amount of product to clean, dry skin. This mask is a good one to use on inflamed skin as it contains oat extract, coconut water and chamomile, among other ingredients, which are really soothing on the skin. It would be perfect to use after an acid peel/mask, or if you have overdone the exfoliation/retinols etc. It leaves skin looking and feeling calm, but that's about it - there's no wow factor, although I didn't really expect there to be with this mask, to be honest.

Vitamin-C Remedy Mask: I really loved the Vitamin C serum, so I was really excited to try this mask, which is described as a Brightening Toning Jelly. Anything that promises to brighten my skin is a goer for me, so the first time I used it, I slathered this on and left it on for 10 minutes, but Vitamin C is a tricky ingredient for me, so my face was red and a little inflamed after that first use. I now just leave it on for 5/6 minutes, before removing and it's working much better for my skin. I do like this mask but it doesn't have the wow factor that the serum has and I have other masks that make my skin glow and look more radiant, without having to be removed so quickly. Given that, I won't be repurchasing this mask, but will finish it. Actually, I might try it on my chest area to see if it firms and brightens that area, and will report back (probably in my empties on Instagram).

Rose Remedy Mask: I loved pretty much everything from the Pixi Rose range (review here), so again, I was looking forward to trying this mask, described as a Nourishing Toning Jelly. This is my favourite of the three masks, because it actually feels like it has some benefits - it leaves my skin feeling calm, replenished and bright! It contains turmeric, argan oil, rose oil and cica, among other soothing and calming ingredients. It smells beautiful (if you like rose scents, but even if you don't, the scent isn't artificial), and I love how cooling it is on my skin - even better, if you keep it in the fridge (although I don't have a dedicated skincare fridge!). This is definitely the best of the three, for my skin.

Overall, I think that the masks are fine. They are good value for money (300ml for £20), but there's nothing very special about them, in my opinion and I have other products that will do the same job. That being said, I am a bit of a skincare snob and I am happy to pay money for products that will actually do something for my skin. But, if you look at The Ordinary or The Inkey List, there are still affordable products that are effective, so these masks are just a bit disappointing (apart from the Rose Remedy, but it still isn't a wow product!).

Have you tried these masks? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

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